What is Workforce Planning?

Workforce Planning

Do you use a digital or paper-based medium to plan your day, week, month, or year? Perhaps you enter important appointments in a calendar, planner, journal, or app. In our personal lives, scheduling and planning can make life a little bit easier by reminding us of upcoming commitments. But in the business world, looking ahead and preparing for the future can significantly impact the bottom line.

Workforce planning is when companies and organizations determine what they’ll need to ensure success down the line—specifically, the personnel needed to achieve those goals. This planning process can also include conducting a strategic analysis of the current workforce in order to best align employees with forthcoming organizational plans.

Similar to how many of us have switched to digital resources for personal planning, today, more and more companies rely on technology to assist with workforce planning. While in our personal lives, technology may just seem like the more convenient option, software equipped with powerful planning capabilities is often considered a necessity for professionals. After all, depending on the size of your workforce, manually analyzing and preparing employee reports can be too daunting, resource-draining, and time-consuming of an endeavor.

UltiPro® by Ultimate Software is a cloud-based, comprehensive solution that assists companies not only with workforce planning, but also with a spectrum of HR, payroll, and time management tasks. Its business intelligence (BI) reporting tools provide extensive insight into workforce performance and trends. Companies also benefit from features like predictive analytics, to help identify future top performers (or flight risks) and take advance action for succession and retention.

Discover how UltiPro can help your organization stay proactive and plan for a productive future. Browse our HR Solutions page for a complete overview of UltiPro’s features.

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