What is Workforce Management?

Workforce Management

Workforce management software is a set of tools that companies use to increase overall efficiency and productivity among employees. Efficient workforce management software matches the right employee to the right job and allows management to effectively oversee employee operations.

Today, many organizations have turned to advanced technology to aid in these processes.

Within the scope of workforce management are several aspects of human resources, such as payroll; benefits administration; time, attendance, and scheduling; talent and performance management; and career development.

Why Use Workforce Management?

Managing your workforce effectively is vital to an organization’s success. But incorporating a system that keeps your business running smoothly doesn’t just impact your bottom line—it impacts your people. Make work life easier for your employees, and it can pay off with intangibles. A happy workforce is contagious, in a good way. Your customers will notice the difference, too, and will mean it when they say, “it’s a pleasure doing business with you.”

Because workforce management covers a wide range of HR sectors, it makes sense to consider comprehensive technology that offers a spectrum of solutions. UltiPro®, by Ultimate Software, helps you manage your workforce with a cloud-based platform that’s easy to use and engaging for you and your people, even when employees are based in various locations.


UltiPro helps simplify everyday HR tasks and responsibilities, so your team members can focus on the most important aspects of their roles within the organization. The software is flexible and designed to accommodate individual companies’ needs, whether that’s handling complex payroll and tax codes or generating detailed reports for powerful insight into the workforce—and whatever else you might have in mind.

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