What is Recruiting Software?

Recruiting Software

Recruiting software is a part of a human resources software system that takes care of the process of posting jobs and bring top talent for open positions in an organization. An efficient Recruiting software helps to consolidate the entire candidate search and hiring process to make it easier for organizations to add employees to their workforce.

Attracting top talent is a fundamental component for a company’s success. Yet, recruiting remains a key area of concern in America.

According to research by job site Indeed.com and the Centre for Economics and Business Research, one third of open jobs in the U.S. remain vacant for at least three months. Far from an economic gain for the organization, an unfilled position can increase strain on current employees, reduce workforce engagement, and hinder overall productivity. Moreover, these vacancies cost the U.S. economy nearly $160 billion each year.

Even a competitive job market doesn’t guarantee successful recruiting. Companies have to impress candidates just as much as candidates look to impress companies—if not even more. In fact, about 40% of candidates say they won’t spend a full minute reading an online job description, while others who start don’t finish the process, usually citing frustration from reentering the same information multiple times throughout.

If you want to attract talented performers to your organization with an engaging application process that wows candidates from the first click, then recruiting software is your answer. Leveraging great recruiting technology doesn’t just mean creating an ideal experience for candidates, it also means reducing stress on your recruiting teams and hiring managers who oversee the often-daunting and time-consuming selection process.

UltiPro® is a cloud-based human capital management solution from Ultimate Software that’s designed to offer a people-first approach to recruiting. For organizations, UltiPro makes the recruiting process more efficient and effective. For candidates, the recruiting software makes applying for jobs more engaging and less frustrating.

UltiPro Recruiting employs a variety a dynamic features, such as

  • The “Discover Your Potential” tool, identifying jobs for which a candidate best qualifies but may not know exist within your company
  • Integration with popular social networks; for example, applicants can save time by importing their information right from LinkedIn
  • The ability to update information and qualifications, even after candidates have initially submitted their applications

A recruiting solution doesn’t remove your people from the process altogether. Instead, it allows your team more time to focus on people rather than on processes. And when you put people first, the benefits are plentiful.

Learn how UltiPro Recruiting software provides a candidate-centric experience that can simplify your work, help build lasting relationships, and strengthen your overall business.

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