What is Onboarding Software?

Onboarding Software Defined

Starting a new job, known in human resources as the onboarding period, can be a nerve-racking, stressful, and overwhelming time for new hires. The same can be said for employers, who may rely on a multitude of personnel and resources to get a new employee up and running in a timely manner.

Ultimate Software’s UltiPro® Onboarding solution delivers an engaging experience that helps new hires connect with your company and employees in a positive and lasting way.

Why Use Onboarding Software?

Anyone who believes in the power of first impressions knows that onboarding is crucial to an employee’s future with the organization. A great onboarding experience can mean the difference between a new hire’s quick, yet costly, departure and a long-term, fruitful relationship.

That’s why many organizations have adopted onboarding software to help facilitate an employee’s transition from new hire to productive teammate, all while providing a smooth and enjoyable—not unnerving—process for new and seasoned employees alike.


Upon logging into the onboarding software, new hires can access a custom dashboard, with features including a personalized welcome message and reminder of why they earned their position, dynamic content such as videos to further educate them about the company, and an easy-to-follow visual timeline of onboarding tasks to complete, with corresponding due dates.

When new hires use UltiPro, onboarding becomes a period of progress. Employees can establish goals for the first 30, 60, and 90 days at the organization, so they can contribute their talents and shape business results from the start. They can even access the solution on the go via their smartphone or tablet.

As part of its person-centric design, UltiPro fosters collaboration among teams. Using built-in social networking platforms such as LinkedIn, new hires can identify and connect with fellow employees, removing the geographical boundaries of a dispersed workforce.

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UltiPro Onboarding software means much more than just streamlining mounds of first-day paperwork. See how you can transform your onboarding process, and all other facets of HR, with UltiPro.

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