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5 Time-Saving HR Technology Hacks

There simply aren’t enough hours in the day for an HR professional. Discover five new ways that technology can let you “hack” a few more moments of productivity out of each day.

The Employee Lifecycle

Over the course of a career, your talent takes a remarkable journey. From the recruitment stage to leadership and through to retirement, your people have different needs as they grow. Follow one employee's journey and see how best-in-class HCM technology makes work life easier at each step along the way.

Emotionally Intelligent Leadership Quiz

Emotional intelligence is one of the key traits that organizations look for in great leaders. This brief quiz will take you through several common managerial challenges to see where you fall.

HCM Service: Expectations vs Realities

Research shows, it’s customer service— not HR technology functionality—that has the greatest impact on an organization’s long-term satisfaction and overall success with a provider. Learn how to partner with UltiPro.

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People Management Tools Benefitting the Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry is one of the most highly regulated and report-intensive industries out there. A unified HCM solution can streamline processes and provide better experiences for more productivity.

People Management Tools Benefitting the Wholesale Industry

The wholesale industry is stocked with plenty of unique HR and payroll challenges. Thankfully, cloud-based people management solutions are here to help. Discover how wholesale industry leaders are transforming their HR and payroll processes.

People Management Tools Benefitting the Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing industry is full of unique and complex HR and payroll challenges. The intricacy of these needs has steered many leaders to adopt comprehensive people management tools.

People Management Tools Benefitting the Finance and Insurance Industry

With increased importance placed on compliance, ROI, and efficiency, finance and insurance organizations are finding that they can positively impact all three areas by upgrading to a more comprehensive, cloud-based human capital management solution.



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Create a Business Case for New Tech

Making an investment in new technology can be overwhelming. It’s a big decision that requires research, planning, and thought. Discover the five steps you need to make a strong business case for purchasing new technology.

The Habits of Good vs. Bad Managers

Good managers are difficult to find, and even more difficult to become. While in a leadership position, it's easy to fall into common traps and mistakes. As long as managers continue to work on themselves and take the time to invest in their employees, then they’re on the right track. And with a few tips and tricks, it’s an easier road to navigate.

Ready to Launch—Going Live With a New HCM Solution

An HCM provider should feel like a partner and resource—not just a product. When it’s time to launch your new HCM solution, confidence in your vendor is mission-critical. See what an intuitive, transparent, collaborative, ultra-fast, and informative launch process looks like.

Successful Succession Management

“Here today, gone tomorrow” is an apt adage describing many companies’ current talent. Just because superior skill sets are in place right now doesn’t mean they’ll be there in the future. The question is: Is the business prepared to fill these gaps when they occur?



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