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Ultimate Software Thought Leaders

Cecile, Alper-Leroux, VP HCM Innovation

Cecile is the Vice President of Human Capital Management (HCM) Innovation at Ultimate Software where she writes and speaks extensively on the changing worker and workforce.

LinkedIn: Cecile Alper-Leroux
Twitter: @CecileHCM

Dr. Jarik Conrad, Sr. Director HCM Innovation

Dr. Conrad is the Sr. Director of Human Capital Management (HCM) Innovation at Ultimate Software where he helps organizations stay abreast of the latest workforce trends and innovative approaches to people management.

LinkedIn: Dr. Jarik Conrad
Twitter: @DrJarikConrad


Christa Degnan Manning, Director HCM Innovation

Christa Manning is a research-driven thought-leader supporting organizations and helping individuals understand and use the latest technologies to enable workplace productivity and performance.

LinkedIn: Christa Degnan Manning
Twitter: @ChristaDegnan


HCM Hot Topics

HR & Innovation - Thought Leadership Whitepapers

Reimagining HR for the Augmented Era - Human Capital Management whitepaper

Reimagining HR for the Augmented Era

The future of work will force changes on us all, whether we’re ready or not. Will the Augmented Era push people over the edge—far beyond their emotional and stress capacity? Or will it enhance individual productivity and wellness, and make every individual as successful and as happy as the efficiencies it creates? Ultimately, it’s up to HR to decide.

Culture Casting - Talent Management whitepaper

Culture Casting

This talent management guide will show you all the components of culture casting that reveal the current reality of your company and the actions you can take to further your corporate cultural growth.

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Cecile Alper-Leroux's Book

From Dissonance to Resonance

How do we create a future in which people's experience at work resonates deeply with the ideas, norms, and new technologies to the great benefit of organizations and people?

All book proceeds are donated to RiseUp Globally and the Urban Institute

From Dissonance to resonance

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