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How Ultimate is helping customers prepare for the Coronavirus implications

Through these challenging times, Ultimate's teams are working to always provide the right support so you can focus on what's most important—your people. Learn how our Business Continuity and Compliance Advisory teams are helping customers to meet their changing obligations.

Cindy Solomon

Courageous Leadership Through Disruption

Courageous leadership skills can not only help you to survive workplace disruptions, but thrive during them. Learn how you can build the skills needed during these uncertain times from leadership expert, Cindy Solomon.

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Remote Work Research Becomes the Empowered Workforce

Remote Work Research

Over the past few years, many of the companies we support have recognized the rise of the remote workforce, and we've seen some major shifts in the ways employers are supporting their ever-changing employee base. So, we wanted to know: Are remote workers, indeed, still being left behind, or have things changed?

Contact Tracing Delivered via a Workforce Management Approach

Contact Tracing Delivered via a Workforce Management Approach

IDC shares with their clients and HR leaders about the benefits of using Ultimate and Kronos solutions to navigate return to work initiatives during the COVID-19 pandemic.


4 Things You Can't Ignore During the COVID-19 Crisis

4 Things You Can't Ignore During the COVID-19 Crisis

Despite the crisis that has many of us feeling frozen in place, 2020 marches on—and plenty of important events and dates are on the horizon. Safety, security, and well-being are all still rightfully at the top of our minds. But what might be getting lost in the shuffle?

Recruiting During Times of Uncertainty

Recruiting During Times of Uncertainty

Just a few months into 2020 and we're facing both a global recession and a "new normal"—both at home and in the workplace. So, as a recruiter what can you do to ensure success during a recession? Access your guide to learn.

Virtual Employees: An Employee Experience Case Study

Virtual Employees: An Employee Experience Case Study

By identifying the different types of virtual employees you have, it becomes easier to better enhance their employee experience and keep their employee engagement levels high.

Virtual Team Communication: 7 Tips for Managing a Mobile Workforce

Virtual Team Communication: 7 Tips for Managing a Mobile Workforce

Virtual employees have unique motivators, and require distinct considerations compared to their traditional office counterparts. Discover the pitfalls virtual employees can fall into and strategies you can use to help you manage your mobile workforce.

People on the Move: Taking HR Wherever You Are

People on the Move: Taking HR Wherever You Are

Mobile technology is a vital part of today's society, and is being used to make everyone's personal and professional life easier. Explore the uses of mobile technology in HR that are helping organizations stay at the bleeding edge of innovation.

HR Agility: Embracing the Fluid Workforce

HR Agility: Embracing the Fluid Workforce

The human resources department has the power to embrace HR Agility, innovating whenever possible and adopting technologies that can simplify the work lives of employees.

Benefits for All: Taking Care of What Matters

Benefits for All

Benefits. That one word draws potential candidates into your organization, and keeps current employees satisfied-but only if your benefits are, well, beneficial. Having standout benefits gives your employees a sense of belonging and helps take care of medical and familial needs, often during times of intense stress or uncertainty. This feeling of being cared for can go an enormous way toward retaining your people.

Mind Matters: Mental Health at Work

Mind Matters: Mental Health at Work

"Mental health" seems to be today's latest buzzword, but it's among the most serious of issues that all employers face. It's time we bring these issues into the open, recognize how common they are, and what we can do as employers to help.

COVID-19 Legislation Guide

COVID-19 Legislation Guide

The Families First Coronavirus Relief Act (FFCRA) and Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act have wide-ranging implications for employers of all sizes. Review the major provisions and helpful links collected in one place.

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Tips and Resources for Working from Home with Kids

In the wake of social distancing measures, many working parents are now playing triple-duty as full-time employees, caregivers, and educators. It's not easy to work from home with kids, but it's manageable. Here are some tips and resources to help.

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How Ultimate is Responding to COVID-19

We're taking action to ensure the safety of our people, our community, and the ongoing support of our customers. Here's how.

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Working from Home in the Era of Social Distancing

Remote work, and the challenges that can come with it, will look different for everyone. But if you're a manager, there are several universal truths you should keep in mind. Learn more.

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Understanding Employee Expectations During Times of Weather Emergencies and Other Disasters

This survey from the Workforce Institute at Kronos gives some insight into workplace confusion that is brought on during a natural disaster. This might be just as relevant today in these unprecedented times.

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How Managers Can Strengthen Team Connections During Times of Change

During times of change, managers have the ability to proactively strengthen trust and connection with their teams. Here are four tips to help you connect and engage with your people when stress and uncertainty are high.

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The Evolving Expectations of the Returning Workforce

Courageous Leadership Through Disruption

Effective Communication in Turbulent Times

Navigating the Families First Coronavirus Response Act

Supporting Employees in Uncertain Times

What COVID-19 Means for California HR and Employment Law

Caring for Your Mental and Emotional Well-Being

Tips on Managing a Remote Workforce

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"Kids Korner"

Free Resources for Working from Home with Children

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COVID-19 Survey Results

Survey Results

Which type of virtual employee are you? - Interactive guide

Which type of virtual
employee are you?

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COVID-19 Resource Center

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