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Welcome to the Cost Savings Calculator

Ultimate’s quick Cost Savings Calculator tool not only calculates the estimated cost savings your organization can experience with UltiPro, but also provides industry averages for comparison.

Simply provide a few answers about your current HR/payroll processes and the Cost Savings Calculator will provide a total value of cost savings from utilizing UltiPro.

Company Details Averages
Number of Employees
Number of Managers
Number of HR Staff
Number of Payroll Staff
Average Employee Salary
Average Manager Salary
Average HR Salary
Average Payroll Salary
Average IT Salary
Benefit Rate (Industry Average 30%)
  Industry Average
Average Hours “Per Month” Your Organization Currently Spends on HR/Payroll Tasks Hours Spent Annual Savings Monthly Hours Spent for Companies of Your Size Annual Cost Savings for Companies of Your Size
Hours spent responding to manager/employee inquires, e.g., questions about paychecks, time off, benefits, and company policies
Hours spent making manual entries, e.g., entries for new hires/terminations/benefits and/or multiple entries to multiple systems
Hours spent contacting your current HR/payroll vendors for customer support
Hours spent auditing payroll, HR, and benefit reconciliations to ensure data integrity
Hours spent conducting benefits enrollment and manually entering life event benefit changes
Hours spent making manual general ledger entries
Average hours your managers SAVE with self-service—research shows that managers save approximately one hour per month using manager self-service to access information and complete paper-free tasks online.
Average hours your employees SAVE with self-service—research finds that employees save approximately one hour per year using employee self-service to access and update information themselves.
Improved Reporting
Hours spent manually updating/tracking information and creating/reconciling reports
Hours spent on recruiting tasks, e.g., posting jobs, reviewing resumes, contacting candidates, and sending correspondence or letters of regrets to applicants
Hours spent manually entering new-hire information into your HR/payroll systems
Hours spent processing new-hire compliance documents, e.g., I-9, W-4, etc., and getting new hires provisioned with computers, passwords, telephones, etc.
Performance Management
Hours spent manually entering employee performance appraisal information/salary increases into your HR/payroll systems
Hours spent coordinating performance reviews, i.e., sending review reminders, collecting review information, etc.
Time Management
Hours spent collecting employee timecards and manually entering information into your payroll system—if applicable
Time managers spend approving employee time off, tracking time off, and scheduling
IT Related Costs
Time IT department spends supporting your current HR/payroll system, including assisting with upgrades and patches, troubleshooting, responding to HR requests, writing reports, etc.
Total Savings
  Averages are based on results from greater than 100 organizations surveyed by Ultimate Software.


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