We have welcoming traditions that ALL employees experience, and other very personalized and unique traditions that happen on departmental and team levels.

Virtual Welcome

People in Your Network Before their first day at Ultimate, all new hires receive a virtual welcome through a cloud Onboarding solution that Ultimate built. The opening page begins with a personal, positive message about why we are impressed with them and happy they are joining us. It also includes a video welcome from our CEO and welcome emails from the new hire’s manager, other team members, and mentor. From this point on, new hires are one click away from contacting any of these people on their “network” list. On their personalized home page, there’s a list of new hire activities and items to be completed before their first work day at Ultimate. A favorite section is called “Unlock Your Potential” and directs them to details on the Mentor process, Learning and Development resources, Courses they can take virtually before arriving, and a Connection center that
provides links to a variety of Ultimate resources.

Welcome Dashboard

Personal Letter to New Hire’s Home

New hires receive a letter welcoming them to Ultimate. Our Chief Services Officer welcomes the new hire’s entire family to the Ulti Family by sending a small gift such as movie tickets for the whole family. She also includes her picture to further personalize it. Our Chief Technology Officer and other executives send similar welcome letters.

Two-Day Orientation at Our Florida Headquarters

Once each quarter, all new hires are flown to headquarters for a two-day orientation. The orientation includes presentations from our CEO, Chief People Officer, executives in key areas of our business, and other UltiPeeps who provide them detail about “everyday things” like how to file healthcare claims, acquire office furniture if they work remotely, get their laptops serviced, request time off, obtain reimbursement for tuition expenses, etc. Favorite activities at the orientation are: a tour of headquarters (with our basketball atrium), a visit to our CEO’s office that is stuffed with sports memorabilia and mementoes from UltiPeeps (he likes to share the history behind each item – and somehow visitors always end up laughing), and a dinner at our traditional Capriccio restaurant where they can talk casually with our CEO, CPO, executives, and directors in a fun, relaxed setting.

“The orientation was so inspiring. The presentations were not about ‘I’ but rather about ‘we.’ Some of us were moved to the point of tears during Scott’s presentation.”
Michelle Isenberg, Email Automation Specialist
“I didn’t want to leave the night of our new hire dinner. It was so jovial, with so much laughter.”
Marci Strickland, Support Solutions, Business Intelligence

New Hire Orientation
Team Building

Shares of Stock, a Welcome to All New Hires

All new hires receive stock ownership in Ultimate as well as healthcare and dental coverage for themselves and their dependents or same-sex married couples, 100% paid for by Ultimate, and life insurance coverage to match their salaries along with a 35% employer match on all of their 401(k) contributions. Scott instituted the policy of the company paying 100% of the premium cost for the healthcare of all employees and their families in 1990, and it has been the same ever since.

“Scott said something that inspired me. During my orientation, he looked out over the crowd and said, ‘You’re part of my family now.’ I believe him.”
Pamela Swanson, Payment Services Activation Support

Departmental Welcomes

Our departmental welcomes all have their own traditions. Our Services team, for example, sends a welcome box that includes Ultimate-branded tchotchkes like coffee mugs, pens, mouse pads, etc. Services also has a Newbies Happy Hour for new hires.

Our Chief Technology Officer has a private catered lunch for new hires in his office every month or so. He establishes a personal relationship with them by talking about his family and asks each individual about their personal backgrounds. They talk about Ultimate’s culture, the principles that guide our behaviors, goals, and teamwork.

As a part of that process, he gives all the new hire several books. In recent years, he has given each person 6 books: Drive by Dan Pink, An ENEMY called AVERAGE by John Mason, Getting Things Done by David Allen, The Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achor, How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie, Leadership & Self Deception by The Arbinger Institute. This year he has added two more books to the list – Leaders Eat Last by Simon Sinek and Thanks for the Feedback by Douglas Stone and Sheila Heen – bringing the count to 8 books for each new hire.

Leaders Eat Last
Thanks for the Feedback, and Welcoming
An Enemy Called Average