People who seek work at Ultimate Software are typically people who want a challenging work experience and a culture of innovation that includes a healthy respect for individuality, diversity, and family.

Beware of phishing or suspicious messages that appear to come from a trusted or known source and that asks for personal information, account information or requests that you send money to cover expenses associated with a job or otherwise. Ultimate Software does not ask for this information from our job applicants or candidates and never asks for any applicant or candidate to send money.

What We Are Looking For

We are looking to hire people who have an inner fire and strong moral compass in addition to verifiable competencies.
We evaluate candidates on the characteristics that fall into these three buckets:


Proven track record
of high performance


and passion


Team-player attitude with a
“do-the-right-thing” ethic

“After working previously at Microsoft and Blackberry, I came to Ultimate because I wanted to broaden my scope of influence and because of Ultimate’s employees-come-first philosophy. What a great decision! I love the openness of ideas, the team feeling, and being part of a larger family-oriented community.”
Troy Thomas, Software Engineering Director

Why UltiPeeps Think Ultimate Software Is So Great.


“I was recruited by Ultimate’s talent acquisition director at University of Florida’s career fair where I was looking at other companies, but something about his passion for the company drew me in. I talked with other Ultimate developers, and they all had the same enthusiasm. The interview process evaluated how well I could apply classroom knowledge to real-world programming problems, but overall it was unlike any other interview process I had gone through: I was treated like I was special--like they wanted me too.”
Joseph Cutrono, Technical Lead (First TechSTAR Intern, 2006)

Finding Talented, Diverse People

We pursue top talent from diverse backgrounds and belief systems, and we often find them through typical channels such as social networking, job fairs at universities, and job postings. But we also have some unique recruiting approaches for assessing skill sets, character traits, and behaviors. The common thread throughout our recruiting strategy is respecting differences while forming strong people relationships.

“We believe that diversity creates a dynamic, open environment that is conducive to out-of-the-box, innovative thinking.”
Vivian Maza, Chief People Officer

Working with University Professors

To identify top talent, our engineering talent team has been developing relationships for the last 7 years with university professors who identify their top performing students for us. Professors invite us to speak with their classes on a routine basis. Often a senior engineer joins our talent team to speak with the engineering students on their campus, giving them an opportunity to learn about Ultimate as a business, a technology innovator, and a culture. We also have an opportunity to get to know the engineering students, learning what their goals are, and assessing their competencies while we are there by giving them challenging coding problems to solve and awarding prizes to those who solve them the fastest.

Virtual Engineering Competitions

We held our first annual UltiCoder Competition in March 2014. It is a virtual competition that includes 10 coding problems designed by our software engineers. Potential candidates have 4-hours to solve the problems. More than 200 software engineers not currently working at Ultimate participated. Eight out of the 10 problems were solved, some participants solving multiple problems. Winners are invited to a day visit at Ultimate, which includes a tour of Ultimate, meeting our Chief Technology Officer and other Ultimate executives, spending time with peer software engineers and learning how they work, and interviewing with teams with whom they might like to work in the future.

Increasing Odds of “Fit”: Recruiting Videos

We have job-targeted videos that we share with prospective candidates to give them an idea of what it’s like to work at Ultimate in a specific role. Ultimate employees and leaders share their experiences. Our goal with these recruiting videos is to reach large numbers of prospective candidates who may reside a long distance from our offices and give them some detail on specific jobs they might be interested in by allowing them to hear what our people in these roles have to say.

Software Test Engineer Careers at Ultimate Software

TechSTARS - Internships at Ultimate Software

Internship Programs

Our internship programs give us an opportunity to evaluate many things about a candidate before we offer a permanent position: skill competency, drive, passion, values, work ethic, and capacity to work as a productive team member. At the same time, interns experience our work environment first hand for themselves. The insider's view enables them to decide if Ultimate is what they are looking for.

Engineering’s TechSTARS, one of our larger and more seasoned internship programs, includes college students, recent graduates, and people employed at other companies who want to work for Ultimate at a time when we don’t have an open full-time position. Our TechSTARS program won Ultimate an Optimas Award from Workforce magazine in 2010 for its innovations. TechSTARS interview with managers, coding teams, and former TechSTARS, and they prove their competency by solving coding problems our engineers have created. When they arrive, they are assigned mentors, take orientation classes, and work on a peer-to-peer basis with our full-time engineers on small teams.

Learn more about Ultimate Software’s TechSTARS Internship Program.

“You won’t be getting coffee for anyone when you’re a TechSTAR at Ultimate. You will be coding right alongside full-time engineers and coming up with solutions for Ultimate’s customers. It’s an incredible learning experience.”
Danaily Belaunzaran, Software Engineer (previous TechSTAR)
“I love that everyone at Ultimate is a First-Class Citizen, even interns.”
Kelly Zamora, Engineering Talent Recruiter

Duck Tour

We welcome our TechSTARS into our fun culture by including them on Ultimate department events, including Ultimate-sponsored trips to Universal Studios and Disney World in Orlando with our families, and we have special events just for TechSTARS that encourage bonding. Recent TechSTAR bonding events were a Duck Tour in Miami, lunch on South Beach as a team, and an evening at Marlins Park in Ultimate’s private box watching the Florida Marlins major league baseball team play and enjoying appetizers, drinks, and casual dinner food during the game.

Over the last 8-year period, 98% of interns have accepted our full-time positions when we offer them. New hires from our TechSTARS program include people who have previously either interned or worked full-time at such companies as Google, Apple, and Lockheed Martin.

“This is my second year as an Ultimate TechSTAR intern. I returned to learn and grow as much as I did here last summer. I’ve been able to work as a tester on unit and integration testing, as a project analyst writing requirements for an UltiPro feature, and right now as a developer on a web application to help the recruiting team judge the likelihood of a candidate’s success.”
Sara Schuster, Previous TechSTAR Intern

“I chose Ultimate because I wanted to intern for a company that truly values its employees and provides real opportunities to grow and succeed. After working in this fun, diverse culture where people are motivated to do their best work, I believe this more than ever. I appreciate that Ultimate has invested in me as an individual, providing me with responsibility, opportunities, and mentorship to achieve my goals.”
Phoebe Gunter, Previous TechSTAR Intern

Difference-Maker Pipelining

When we are looking for a rare, exceptionally talented, cream of the cream, A+ software engineer, we build relationships with people we have identified as stand-outs and determine the fit over a period of time by using our 7-pillar Difference-Maker Pipelining methodology.

The methodology includes elements such as partnering with our hiring managers and senior leaders to determine the jobs that have the most impact on revenue generation and other key business indicators, defining the skills and traits typical of difference-makers at Ultimate in those specific positions, pooling and ranking candidates systematically, filtering ranked candidates based upon performance criteria and other metrics, and nurturing active and passive candidates at the top of the pool whether we have an appropriate current opening or not. We use our internally developed UltiPro Recruiting cloud solution for ranking these candidates and tracking our communications with them.

Hiring Pipeline

Analytical and Cultural Assessments

For some positions, particularly those in our Services area where our people work closely with our customers, we use an Analytical Assessment that helps us to evaluate candidates in such areas as critical reasoning, numerical reasoning, word relationship recognition, and abstract reasoning. Candidates also take a cultural assessment analysis that we developed internally to determine if they are a good fit for Ultimate. We use a series of questions designed to reveal Drivers and Values, Work Style, Capacity to Influence, and People Acumen. In order to assess Drivers and Values, for example, we ask questions such as what kind of expectations they have for themselves, how they intend to achieve these aspirations, what principles guide their decision-making, and what they see as obstacles.

  • Drivers and Value
  • Work Style
  • Capacity to Influence
  • People Acumen

Team Interviewing: “The Peer Test”

When we bring candidates on site to interview with us, they talk with prospective team members as well as the hiring manager and team leads. Teamwork is an important “thread” in our culture, and hiring managers give significant weight to the opinions of the candidate’s peers.

Casual, Unstructured Interviewing

Casual, Unstructured Interviewing We find that often unstructured interviewing reveals more about a candidate than structured interviewing. Eating lunches and dinners together is common practice at Ultimate, small teams, larger teams, and so it’s a natural extension that we take candidates we are recruiting to Tarantella Ristorante for its vegetable plate, fresh fish or pasta dish of the day; Starbucks for coffee or a sandwich; or to the Cheese Course for cheese and crackers.

All these spots are a 3- to 4-minute walk from our headquarters, and in those casual settings we have less intimidating time with them and naturally learn who they are as human beings.This practice goes a long way in telling us how potential candidates might fit in with our culture and, equally important, helping them to understand who we are as people.

Vadim on Value of Working with Talented People

“When I interviewed with Ultimate, I had already accepted another offer. Then I talked with the talent acquisition director and engineers at Ultimate, and I was shocked to understand how great the talent is at the company. As a software engineer, you want to grow technically. You want to become the best you can, and I knew right away that I needed to be at Ultimate. I have been at Ultimate nine years now and don’t regret a minute of it.”
Vadim Kreynin, Software Engineer