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When it comes to human capital management in Canada, we believe technology should work for people not the other way around.

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When it comes to HR and payroll software solutions, we believe technology should work for people — not the other way around. Watch a short video tour now for an overview of UltiPro's HR, payroll, and talent management capabilities.

Resources for Canadian HR Management

Ultimate Software strives to keep HR and payroll professionals and employers up to speed on the latest industry trends. These resources are curated by Ultimate’s own human capital management (HCM) experts, trusted industry experts, and committed business partners.

Live Canadian UltiPro Web Demo

Live Webcast Demo Canada

Get an exclusive look at UltiPro and discover features ideal for HR and payroll leaders located in Canada. You will learn how this human resources software can reduce administrative overhead by tracking every piece of HR information

Canadian HR Law: The Essential Reference Guide

Canadian HR Law: The Essential Reference Guide

With fourteen different sets of labour legislation across Canada, knowing which laws apply to a business is just the first step in understanding an employer’s rights and obligations.

Hiring and Firing Canadian Employees

Hiring and Firing Canadian Employees

This new guide outlines the essential legal considerations of three key elements of the employer-employee relationship: hiring, termination, and the document that governs both – the employment contract.

10 ways to wow your new hire Canada edition

10 Ways to Wow Your New Hire

Time to make your new employees say “wow” from day zero! These best practices can help you harness the needed tools and plan ahead to craft an outstanding employee experience for your hires.

Making Payroll a Strategic Asset

Making Payroll a Strategic Asset

Too often payroll is seen as merely an administrative component of business. Transitioning payroll to a more strategic function can increase employee satisfaction and lead to boosted productivity company-wide.

Giving Employees what they want, a guide to canadian perks and benefits

Giving Employees What They Want: A Guide to Canadian Perks and Benefits

How does an organisation determine which perks and benefits will be competitive, and which will be truly valued by their employees? Discover everything from the importance of a strong benefits plan in building your employer brand all the way to innovative perks being offered by today’s top Canadian employers.

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