General design guidelines

The success of Ultimate’s brand identity depends on our ability to present our company, products, and services in a way that’s consistent, informative, and impactful.

Whether it’s a piece of marketing collateral, customer documentation, or a presentation, here are three important guidelines to follow when creating any Ultimate Software branded materials:


1. Make it “unquestionably Ultimate.”

For our communication to have maximum impact, each piece we create must be clearly branded. Whatever the piece may be, it should be recognizable as Ultimate Software at first glance. Consistent use of the brand’s color palette, typography, and other creative elements helps ensure each new element builds on the momentum of our overall brand message. If a new piece feels like an outlier, it’s less likely to resonate with our audience that may already be familiar with other Ultimate Software brand collateral.

2. Strive for balance in your composition.

Because our business is rooted in technology, we tend to have a lot of detailed information to communicate. But when it comes to outward materials and presentations, too much text can be distracting and overwhelming to the audience. You can make your materials more engaging by balancing graphics or photos with key communication points. If you have room for supporting copy, make sure it is clear and concise.

3. Leave room for content to breathe.

White space is your friend. The graphics and text in your collateral will actually work harder if they’re accompanied by some empty space. This prevents the audience from getting overwhelmed by the visual chaos of too many elements competing for attention, and makes them want to spend more time with the content you want them to focus on.

Contact Information


On collateral pieces, it’s important to have a consistent call-to-action for follow-up and prospective sales. This unifies our brand and makes it easier to find pertinent information.


Phone, email, and URL

800.432.1729 | |


Logo without tagline on left. Phone, email, and URL on right.


Logo without tagline on left. Name, title, email, phone, and URL on right.


If you are creating official Ultimate Software content please ensure the copyright statement appears as written here.

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