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Thank you so much for reading and for your thoughtful comment! Cecile has been traveling, but she would love to connect with you. Her email is; please feel free to reach out to her directly as she is looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you!

By: Mabely Wise Wed, 09 May 2018 15:33:12 +0000 Hi Cecile,

Thanks for sharing your friend’s story and how he encouraged his daughter to adopt a position that brought her the opportunity of being seen and heard by her professors and consequently, finding a career path that best suits her math skills and hands-on aptitude.

I believe that if this approach is consistently implemented across the most basic unit of society, the family, the historical issue of gender inequality (from a career and work opportunity standpoint) would slowly but surely be on an abatement path.

In the meantime, and while this is fully understood, the most immediate solution that will prove to be most effective in this regard is for us women to band together and support each other in attaining leadership roles and career opportunities at organizations where gender equality is a living value and not as much of a “virtual” facade.

If this is an initiative that you are currently actively engaged at Ultimate, I believe I have some resources that could be of value to you.

Otherwise, I would love to connect and share with you some information that could bring forth a product evolution opportunity for UltiPro.

Please let me know if you are open to hear more about that.