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2013 Innovation Award Winners

UltiPro is a unique talent solution that can elevate your people to the highest level with better recruitment, onboarding, retention, performance management, career development, and succession management. With our annual Innovation Awards, we recognize some of our customers and their teams who have gone above and beyond in managing, motivating, and rewarding their people.

  • PF Chang's
    Achievement in Technology
    PF Chang’s continually using Ultimate’s technology to deliver innovative results across its business. In 2012, this company made significant improvements that streamlined benefits management, supplemental payrolls, and direct access for 26,000 employees.
  • FThe Texas Rangers
    Achievement in ROI and Cost Savings
    The Texas Rangers leveraged UltiPro’s features for recruitment and onboarding to achieve a 70% hard cost savings, significant time savings, and measurable cuts in labor expenses. Using UltiPro, The Texas Rangers can now complete its seasonal hiring process in about 66% less time than it previously took. A drastic improvement!.
    Strategic Talent Management
    NASCAR activated UltiPro Recruitment and UltiPro Onboarding with great success — streamlining compliance, pay services, and training related to talent management. The end result has been improvements to HR operations and significant cost and time savings.
  • SYNNEX Corporation
    Best UltiPro Rollout to Employees
    SYNNEX Corporation rolled out UltiPro’s feature for HR, payroll, open enrollment, salary planning & budgeting, career development, life events, recruitment, onboarding, performance management, and succession management. SYNNEX branded the UltiPro portal as “MyStuff” and leveraged internal communications, posters, online trainings, contests, and rewards to achieve high levels of employee adoption.
  • Gate Gourmet
    Supporting and Meeting Major Corporate Goals
    Gate Gourmet, a global company with 11,000 employees, is using UltiPro to automatically collect, store, and report all compliance-related training using 2D barcodes and Apple I-Touches. Gate Gourmet also completely redesigned its UltiPro business portal and increased employee utilization of UltiPro by 250% in the last two months of 2012.
  • The High Companies
    Analytics for Measurable Returns
    The High Companies used UltiPro Business Intelligence to deliver accurate, real-time reports that enable both micro and macro views of organizational turnover. The company transitioned from inaccurate, manually intensive turnover reports to a fully automated and distributed BI tool.
  • CWS Apartment Homes
    CWS Apartment Homes achieved deeper collaboration among its companywide departments since it went live on UltiPro’s unified platform for HR, payroll, and talent management. The company established a deployment team comprised of its CFO, controller, payroll manager, VP of HR, and other key stakeholders to determine and build the parameters of UltiPro to best meet the needs of its HR team, employees, and overall business.
    Global Impact
    With locations in 21 countries around the globe, NVIDIA is using UltiPro as its single system of record for all multinational employees. NVIDIA has been an outstanding partner in expanding Ultimate’s global HCM offering. This company’s efforts have been instrumental in our new partnership with Celergo, our new global payroll partner
  • Vancity
    This award recognizes customers with a strong commitment to partnering with Ultimate Software by evangelizing Ultimate’s technology and services. Vancity was recognized for continuous business development support on a local and national level.
Congratulations to all Ultimate’s 2013 Innovation Award winners!