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2012 Innovation Award Winners

UltiPro is a unique talent solution that can elevate your people to the highest level with better recruitment, onboarding, retention, performance management, career development, and succession management. With our annual Innovation Awards, we recognize some of our customers and their teams who have gone above and beyond in managing, motivating, and rewarding their people.

  • Yamaha Corporation of America
    Strategic Talent Management
    By leveraging UltiPro’s recruitment functionality, Yamaha Corporation of America has increased hiring efficiencies and time savings from customizable screening assessments; reliable historical database that includes candidates, their activities, requisitions, workflow approvals, and job offers; a centralized database with a larger candidate pool that expedites finding the right candidate for the right job; and increased collaboration with managers and executives.
  • Callaway Golf
    Achievement in Technology
    Callaway Golf achieved notable results by using Ultimate’s technology to deliver innovation across its business. This company successfully went thru a large merger and then leveraged UltiPro’s Web services to seamlessly centralize what had been internal silos into one cohesive talent solution.
  • Buffalo Wild Wings
    In 2011, Buffalo Wild Wings was very successful in using company-wide teamwork to bring additional benefits to their company. After several years of being an on-premise client, the company went live with Ultimate’s cloud services in July 2011. With a very large employee population — totaling 22,000 employees — this migration was an extensive team effort that required detailed collaboration among several business units, including IT, Marketing, Learning & Development, Talent Management Services, and Operations.
  • Flow International
    Global Impact
    Flow International is cultivating a high-performance culture around the world after deploying Ultimate’s talent solution in several regions across four continents In 2011, the company began leveraging UltiPro for recruitment, performance management, and succession management in the U.S., Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, France, Spain, Italy, the U.K., Poland, India, China, Japan, Taiwan, as well as several regions in the Middle East and Eastern Europe.
  • Explorer Pipeline
    Explorer Pipeline has demonstrated a strong commitment to partnering with Ultimate Software by evangelizing Ultimate Software and UltiPro as well as acting as a source of continuous feedback on Ultimate Software’s technology and services. This recognition reflects the company’s constant support of Ultimate Software.
  • Wente Family Estates Camden Property Trust
    Supporting and Meeting Major Corporate Goals
    Two Ultimate customers were standouts in 2011 for deploying major sustainability initiatives:
    Camden Property Trust and Wente Family Estates. Each company took advantage of UltiPro’s Web platform to create a lighter ecological footprint as well as deliver excellent results for the company’s bottom line.
  • United Stationers
    Achievement in ROI and Cost Savings
    With multiple hard-cost benefits that came from technology improvements, headcount reduction, and elimination of third-party vendors, United Stationers recorded a 26% ROI in its first year with Ultimate Software. A phenomenal number! United Stationers notes that its success with UltiPro came from four critical factors: process improvements, cost optimization, reduced compliance risks, and overall HR effectiveness.
Congratulations to all Ultimate’s 2012 Innovation Award winners!