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Protecting Your People Byte by Byte

A data breach is extremely costly and negatively impacts the employee experience. Prevent that from happening by effectively safeguarding your employee data.

Learn more about the current state of privacy laws and the importance of a secure privacy management tool. Did you know that 79% of Americans say they’re not confident that companies will take responsibility if personal information is compromised? In fact, people feel that their data is less secure today than it was five years ago. While sharing personal information is inevitable, having your employee’s personal data being compromised is preventable.

A privacy management tool can help ensure that your employees’ personal data is securely stored, but still accessible to the owner. When a privacy manager is built into your HR and payroll system you can prevent your organization from giving personally identifiable data (PID) or other sensitive information out to another third-party vendor, and easily stay compliant with evolving laws.

Access your guide on privacy management to learn:

  • The state of privacy laws
  • Why you need to be concerned about personal data
  • How a best-in-class privacy management tool can help