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Going Global:
The Power of People First Organizations

Leveraging the right tools and strategies is vital when going global to create a cohesive workforce while keeping your people priority one.

Going Global: The Power of People First Organizations Preparing for international expansion entails a lot of research and strategy design. As companies take this step, they primarily focus on numbers. But what if going global were primarily a human adventure where success relies on people, whether customers or employees?

As any organization develops throughout the world, it must avoid fragmentation, as well as business and personal tensions between the subsidiaries and the headquarters. In other words, it must be managed globally. International expansion translates into a balancing act between globalism and localism.

Going global is a challenge for any organization, but with the right strategies and tools you can help create a cohesive workforce that flourishes in all markets. Marylene Delbourg-Delphis, an executive management consultant and author, reveals the tools she’s used over the years to make going global easier while still putting your people first.