Analytics & AI Software

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

To help you better understand your people and drive organizational improvement, Ultimate delivers a portfolio of advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technologies that are as sensitive to emotions as they are to statistics.

Built on unique innovations with natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning, Ultimate’s “People First” AI platform—Xander®—enables its UltiPro® cloud solution to automatically understand, predict, and prescribe personalized actions from all relevant HCM data within the solution.

Benefits of UltiPro’s AI platform include:

  • Predictions on critical workforce behaviors, including retention and performance
  • Machine learning that continuously and automatically improves those predictions with experience
  • Real-time ability to understand text inputs, including open-ended survey responses and performance reviews, and break that down into sentiment, emotions, and workplace themes using NLP technology
  • Personalized recommendations to managers and leaders based on relevant people data, from demographics to surveys to actions taken by users in UltiPro

Learn more and experience our advanced AI technology, Xander in action.