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Time Management Software

With UltiPro Time Management, companies can easily automate and streamline their workforce management processes, simplify time capture for all employees, and increase overall workforce productivity.

UltiPro delivers a time management experience that is simple, fast, and intuitive — so your people can focus on what’s important. Whether it’s the seamless integration with employee profiles, automatic compliance updates, or elimination of time-reporting errors, UltiPro helps organizations save money and improve productivity.

You can also instantly access real-time time and labor information to proactively prevent issues that could negatively impact the business, such as employee coverage gaps, labor law violations, and excess labor spending.

With UltiPro Time Management, you can:

  • Eliminate paper timesheets and other error-prone manual time-keeping processes
  • Conveniently capture any employees’ time using a variety of devices, including an employee’s own mobile device or UltiPro TouchBase®
  • Push hours to be paid to UltiPro for fast and accurate payroll processing
  • Submit PTO requests online and streamline the approval process with dynamic notifications
  • Set shifts, automatically assign hours to employees, and fill staff shortages
  • Instantly report on data across all areas of human capital management for smarter workforce planning decisions

Watch a short product tour of UltiPro Time Management to learn more and see how many companies are achieving simplified, efficient time management with Ultimate’s unified HR solutions.