HCM Features

UltiPro TouchBase®

The challenges of effectively managing and engaging an hourly workforce are shared by many businesses across industries and locations. One big obstacle is the lack of continuous access to a computer, which is the case for the majority of hourly workers today. To overcome these challenges, businesses need to provide employees with quick and simple time entry capabilities and easy access to important personal/company information—from wherever and whenever they need it.

UltiPro TouchBase is an easy-to-use, tablet-based timeclock, labor data collection platform, and employee self-service device.

With UltiPro TouchBase, businesses can:

  • Capture employee time through a simple, easy-to-use touchscreen device
  • Provide an interactive activity stream, highlighting the information most critical to employees and managers
  • Help employers communicate to employees in their own language
  • Collect accurate, employee-validated data for cost accounting and payroll
  • Leverage photos for accurate capture of employee time entry and to avoid 'buddy punches'
  • Validate transactions using PIN entry, HID, RFID, magnetic swipe or barcode
  • More easily remain compliant with labor regulations, enforce state-mandated or corporate HR rules, and quickly push out reminders
  • Easily unlock and un-dock the device to have a portable tablet for in-the-field access to existing software systems, documents, and applications
  • Enable managers to spend more time working with their team, and less time tracking errors

UltiPro helps businesses simplify work with its comprehensive solutions—not only for HR and payroll professionals, but for every employee within the organization. With UltiPro TouchBase, you can connect with your workforce, contacting employees in real-time—via texts, emails, videos, etc.—whenever necessary, collect accurate time data, and empower employees with direct access to the information they need.