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UltiPro TouchBase®

The challenges of effectively managing and engaging an hourly workforce are shared by many businesses across industries and locations. One big obstacle is the lack of continuous access to a computer, which is the case for the majority of hourly workers today. To overcome these challenges, businesses need to provide employees with quick and simple time clock options and easy access to important personal and company information.

UltiPro TouchBase is an easy-to-use, touchscreen-based time clock solution, labor-data collection platform, and employee self-service device. It serves as a perfect companion to UltiPro’s time solutions that can simplify time capture, help improve communication, and collect better time data.

  • Capture employee time through a simple, easy-to-use touchscreen device
  • With its intuitive user interface employees can enter labor assignment changes, time off request and answer attestation questions.

  • Employees can view their punch history, schedules and messages. Supervisors can easily check punch activities for all of their direct reports.
  • Leverage photos for accurate capture of employee time entry and deter “buddy punches”
  • Validate transactions using PIN entry, HID, RFID, magnetic swipe, or barcode
  • Remain compliant with labor regulations, enforce state-mandated or corporate HR rules, and quickly push out reminders with UltiPro’s time clock