Employee Attendance Tracking & Scheduling Software

Time, Attendance, and Scheduling

The ability to simply, accurately, and efficiently track and manage your people is critical to productivity and long-term business success. Your workforce needs a robust, flexible solution that can address the unique workforce management requirements of your business with easy access for your people.

UltiPro Time and Attendance enables you to conveniently capture employee time using a variety of devices, create accurate scheduling, reduce payroll expenditures, and much more. Alerts and notifications within Ultimate’s HR solutions prevent issues that could negatively impact your business, such as employee coverage gaps, labor law violations, or excess spending. You can quickly report on and analyze metrics—such as absences, overtime, and wage costs—to help make smarter, more informed decisions regarding workforce planning and your overall business.

Providing complex time and labor management, leave management capabilities, workforce scheduling options, simple time entry, and more via a web portal, UltiPro delivers a time and attendance solution that meets your unique business needs and provides a simple, intuitive experience for all employees.

Watch a short product tour of UltiPro Time and Attendance to learn more and see how many companies are using UltiPro to manage their workforces.

These features are best suited for a large enterprise organization.