Recruitment Software


Attracting talent is becoming increasingly competitive, and many organizations are losing candidates without even realizing it. The complexity of traditional recruiting systems can make it difficult for a candidate to truly engage with an organization, and therefore it becomes very challenging for organizations to find the right people.

UltiPro® Recruiting’s unique, candidate-centric design helps you engage candidates with simple technology that candidates want to use. As a result, you can begin cultivating successful, long-term relationships with your employees from the very start.

With UltiPro Recruiting, you can:

  • Provide an engaging and personalized experience to candidates
  • Remove barriers and obstacles that candidates often face when trying to apply for a job
  • Enable candidates to leverage familiar social tools and their mobile devices when searching and applying for opportunities
  • Assess not only skills and experience but qualities that more effectively determine long-term success and fit — behaviors, motivations, and career aspirations, etc.
  • Proactively manage candidates’ applications and plan for future talent needs

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