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Onboarding Software

Ensure your onboarding process and new hire experience reflects how you want employees to feel, even before their first day. UKG Pro Onboarding (formerly UltiPro® Onboarding) delivers personalized, collaborative solutions that help build stronger relationships, reduce early terminations, empower new hires to complete important tasks, and relieve any causes for stress early on in the employment cycle.

  • Personalize new hire dashboards with a welcome message and dynamic content
  • Enable employees to complete tasks from anywhere using their preferred mobile device, and even before their first day
  • Facilitate connections and collaboration between new hires and their colleagues, even before their first day
  • Leverage a convenient administrator dashboard to view new hires and key information, all in one place
  • Allow employees to electronically complete, review, and sign tax forms, policy documents, and eligibility forms