Human Resources Software

Human Resources

You can manage all your people data and activities in one place with UltiPro. UltiPro’s comprehensive HRIS/HRMS capabilities help you engage and develop your people from the very first interaction.

Utilize the UltiPro portal as a central place for communicating important company information and where your employees can instantly access all the HR-related tools and information they need such as pay info, time off requests, performance reviews, and more.

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UltiPro automatically tracks all HR-related information about your employees

Manage all your employees across the globe in a single, comprehensive HRIS/HRMS system of record for a complete view of your multinational workforce. UltiPro automatically tracks all HR-related information about your employees, including:

  • Personal Information
  • Employment history
  • Performance, job, and compensation information
  • Benefits information
  • Talent management data

UltiPro also makes it easy to record key information required for processing payroll and meeting compliance and reporting in more than 35 countries. UltiPro is compliant with U.S. and Canadian legislation for protecting sensitive data such as employee social security or social insurance numbers.

  • Manage COBRA compliance, FLSA regulations, HIPAA certificates, OSHA and workers’ compensation, FMLA tracking, and EEO compliance
  • Meet the HR requirements of the Canada Labour Code and/or provincial/territorial employment standards legislation, and PPACA compliance

UltiPro delivers one, consistent experience for all employees because it’s a unified solution for HR, payroll, and talent management. With all your people data seamlessly connected, you have an accurate and more comprehensive view of your people.