HCM Features

UltiPro Perception®

Understand what employees are saying and how they truly feel about the workplace,
with surveys and sentiment analysis.

UltiPro automatically tracks all HR-related information about your employees

The first step in building a great workplace and culture that engages, retains, and motivates employees is understanding what they care about. Ultimate Software’s UltiPro Perception solution offers a modern way for collecting and understanding employee feedback from surveys, helping businesses enhance the employee experience and improve performance.

  • Easily distribute employee surveys, gather input, and leverage analytics to assess the effectiveness of individual teams and managers
  • Interpret open-ended survey responses using advanced natural language processing and machine-learning algorithms to uncover not only what employees are saying, but also how they feel about topics such as work environment and leadership
  • Receive real-time actionable insights and analysis for improving employee satisfaction and retention—based on both quantitative and open-ended responses

Go beyond traditional employee-survey tools and gain the insight needed to optimize the employee experience. View a quick demo of UltiPro Perception HCM Solution.