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Employee Surveys and Sentiment Analysis
UltiPro Perception®

The first step in building a great workplace and culture that engages, retains, and motivates employees is understanding what they care about. UltiPro Perception offers a modern way for collecting and understanding employee engagement survey feedback, helping businesses enhance the employee experience and improve performance.

UltiPro automatically tracks all HR-related information about your employees

Powered by Xander®, Ultimate’s advanced portfolio of artificial intelligence technologies, UltiPro Perception helps organizations uncover not only what employees are saying, but also how they truly feel about the workplace and leadership. Go beyond traditional feedback tools, and leverage UltiPro’s advanced employee engagement survey solution to analyze sentiment and take the right actions.

  • Distribute sleek, mobile-friendly employee engagement surveys
  • Ask conversational questions to gain comprehensive insight into your employees’ emotions, motivations, and key drivers for satisfaction
  • Analyze data instantly with better-than-human accuracy
  • Gain real-time actionable insights through personalized dashboards
  • Uncover your company’s most important strengths and areas to prioritize for improvement