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UltiPro Compensation Management

Find out how UltiPro (HRIS / HRMS) can quickly and easily review human resource management functions,  salary budgets, payroll and guidelines, and determine the best way to allocate pay increases to their employees within their budget.

Having the right information and tools readily available is key to making informed compensation decisions for your employees. UltiPro®’s compensation management solution helps you make effective decisions regarding future compensation for individuals, or entire teams. You can enjoy an intuitive experience paired with relevant business and talent data to easily navigate through allocating rewards, while keeping the focus on your people.

Easily create compensation management plans that will reward employees and strengthen the alignment between individual contributions and business performance.

  • Make informed, meaningful compensation decisions based on talent insight and analysis tools
  • Take advantage of UltiPro’s unified compensation management solution, with quick, easy access to an individual’s Compensation Card—includes salary, employment, and review history
  • Provide simple and efficient processes for managers, requiring minimum intervention from HR teams
  • Automate the salary-planning process and eliminate manual work
  • Submit pay increases for processing, with the click of a button—no manual calculations or spreadsheets required