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Employee Benefits Administration Software

Managing and administering employee benefits efficiently is important not only to your HR team, but to your employees as well. With UltiPro®’s benefits administration software, you can automate the open enrollment process online and reduce the time and expense of traditional benefits administration, while also simplifying life-event changes by enabling employees to make their own updates. Best of all, you can configure UltiPro to match the benefits that you want to offer your employees.

Leverage one solution for all your benefits administration software needs, including setting up and administering benefits plans, managing open enrollment, and processing life-event changes.

  • Enjoy easy setup of open-enrollment sessions, including the option to customize content and messages for employees
  • Create rules for coverage, premium, and employer-matched computations
  • Automatically calculate employee and employer premiums and ensure accurate deductions from paychecks
  • Eliminate duplicate rules, duplicate data entry, and reconciliation reporting
  • Enable guidance for employees through all steps of making life-event changes