HR System Administration

System Administration

UltiPro was built with real users in mind — designed to work the way you do and easily configure to your needs. System administration is simple and intuitive, designed for the nontechnical users.

System Configuration
No two businesses are exactly alike. Everything from expanding your workforce across the globe, to your company culture can affect how you track and manage your people data.
UltiPro can be easily configured to meet your unique business needs and people processes.

  • Customize the look and content of the UltiPro homepage, including inserting your company logo defining colors, adding content — including text, links to websites and e-mail addresses, files, images, and more
  • Add new data fields, change the label of data fields, or hide fields
  • Experience flexible, intuitive methods for setting permissions
  • “Test-drive” configurations before applying them
  • Use drag-drop functionality for the placement of configured fields on a page
  • Include newly configured fields in reporting via UltiPro’s robust business intelligence solution
  • Add fields that can support languages that use double-byte characters (e.g., Chinese)
  • Reconfigure UltiPro over time without technical intervention

Role-based Security
You can protect the privacy of your workforce data by defining system access based on an individual’s role within the organization. Employees see only information that is appropriate to them.

UltiPro’s conditional workflows are flexible, easy-to-use, and designed to make business process changes more efficient. You select the level of approvals required (unlimited) for each type of change and designate the approvers — by individual or role.

UltiPro’s visual workflow makes defining processes simple and intuitive.

Flexible business rules can be updated by authorized HR/payroll staff and system administrators including rules such as your company’s jobs, organization levels, deduction/benefit plans, loan types, leave plans, and more.

Work Events
UltiPro saves time and reduces administration because anyone you authorize can process work events from anywhere — including your mobile devices. UltiPro automatically routes changes for approval through predefined “workflow processes” for business activities
such as:

  • Hiring, rehiring, or terminating an employee
  • Changing any employee work-related information — job, salary, etc.
  • Updating/analyzing employee compensation
  • Conducting salary and performance reviews
  • Maintaining employee earnings, deductions, and benefits
  • Reviewing and approving staff leave requests