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Ultimate Software—The Most Experienced Cloud Provider

Ultimate Software led the way. We were the first to deliver HR and payroll Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions—making us the most experienced end-to-end human capital management (HCM) cloud provider.

As a forerunner, we developed our comprehensive HCM SaaS solutions to give organizations the overwhelming benefits of cloud technology:

  • Global and mobile access from anywhere
  • More convenient, efficient, and secure ways to manage HR, payroll, and talent management—doing away with on-premise IT infrastructure and expense
  • Rapid scalability to meet fluctuating business and economic growth

Our HRIS gives customers the advantages forward-thinking business leaders are demanding most:

  • Unparalleled comprehensive HCM—delivered hassle-free in the cloud
  • Better economies of scale
  • Industry best practices for security
  • Built-in disaster recovery protection
  • 24-7 access for administrators, managers, executives, and employees

It’s the best of all worlds: the convenience of traditional outsourced HCM processes and the control and flexibility of an on-premise solution—with none of the drawbacks.

Using our continuously evolving cloud technology, your HCM capabilities are always expanding—without the need for new hardware, licensed software, costly upgrades, or personnel to keep up with solution developments.

With UltiPro, we enable businesses to consolidate, manage, and analyze comprehensive workforce information in a single source with rapid access in the cloud: the pinnacle of contemporary HCM.

10 Questions to Ask About Human Capital Management in the Cloud

Download 10 Questions to Ask About HCM in the Cloud - HCM Whitepaper

Learn more about several important questions HR and payroll professionals should ask when researching potential cloud providers for their organization's people management needs.

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Benefits of SaaS for HCM

Benefits of SaaS for HCM