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Payroll Administration, Tax Management, and Compliance

Discover the most flexible, functional payroll software engine on the market, UltiPro

The most flexible, functional payroll engine on the market, UltiPro does it all, handling hundreds of payroll-related computations in U.S. and Canadian dollars with no need for side calculations or expensive programming. Complex payroll wage calculations delivered with UltiPro include:

  • Shift premiums
  • Pieceworker and makeup pay, which is great for large enterprise organizations
  • Average pay rates for overtime calculations
  • Garnishments and levy calculations

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For fast and efficient processing, UltiPro delivers a Payroll Gateway – one-click access to all of your payroll data. From the Payroll Gateway, you can view your payroll calendar and pay dates, select a pay group for payroll processing, check payroll setup, review processing status and payroll results, and access reports. Plus, you can simplify the payroll process, configuring your own payroll models by bundling a series of payroll steps into one.

With UltiPro, you can process payroll from start to finish in a few easy steps, including:

Discover how to process payroll from start to finish in a few easy steps.
  • Automatically retrieving time and attendance data for payroll processing
  • Calculating pay (including gross-to-net)
  • Generating direct deposit files, pay checks, and direct deposit advices for U.S. and Canadian banks, which is great for large enterprise organizations
  • Issuing off-cycle checks or voiding payments instantly
  • Calculating and tracking retroactive pay
  • Tracking the progress of the payroll online

UltiPro delivers all U.S. federal, state, local and Canadian federal and provincial/territorial tax updates automatically every quarter as part of the core solution, so you don’t have to pay for or work with a third-party tax service. UltiPro’s comprehensive tax management system helps you handle tax compliance and computations, including multi-state taxing rules and reciprocity, as well as taxation wage accumulation and withholding requirements.

To reduce the complexities and errors associated with assigning taxes in the United States and Canada, UltiPro includes Smart Tax Search. Embedded into the solution, Smart Tax Search automatically determines the correct federal, state, and local payroll tax, based on where an employee lives and works in the U.S. In Canada, Smart Tax Search recommends federal and provincial/territorial taxes.

UltiPro’s Smart Tax Search:

  • Leverages the latest GIS (geographic information systems) technology
  • Simplifies the administrative process
  • Saves time for HR and payroll teams
  • Increases the quality and accuracy of data

When processing payroll for employees outside of the U.S. and Canada, UltiPro’s open and configurable cloud platform and localizations enable you to securely integrate to the global payroll service provider of your choice.

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