Silverado Senior Living

Achieves Measurable Business Improvements with UltiPro Business Intelligence, UltiPro Perception

Key Benefits
  • Used improved visibility into workforce to achieve savings of $3 million in one year
  • Created a better associate experience with the UltiPro mobile app
  • Leveraged UltiPro Perception to help leaders gain insight into the specific drivers of employee engagement and retention

Silverado is committed to enriching the quality of life for its residents, clients, patients, families, and associates through a combination of top-notch clinical care, compassion, and continuous engagement. Over the past 20 years, the company has grown to include over 4,000 employees providing memory care, hospice, and rehabilitation services at 54 locations in eight U.S. states.

4,200 employees

Despite the company’s pioneering approach to memory care, the company’s HR practices prior to UltiPro were still largely manual. Without efficient access to employee data, Silverado’s ability to measure success at the individual, team, and enterprise level was sluggish and inefficient. In order to align its workplace culture with its mission, Silverado selected UltiPro and went live in January 2016.


• Two million dollars of savings is attributable directly to the productivity reports generated from information exported through UltiPro Business Intelligence.

• Improved access to data also helped the company obtain more real-time information about overtime and turnover, and engage in workforce planning to achieve substantial savings.

• To address turnover, Silverado launched a variety of UltiPro functionality, including the UltiPro mobile app, to create a better associate experience.

• The company also launched UltiPro Perception to better understand employee sentiment and boost engagement.

• Silverado is combining data from UltiPro Business Intelligence with feedback from UltiPro Perception to transform the business.

• Subcommittees have been established to learn how to tackle uncovered issues more effectively.

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