SPS Companies, Inc.

Uses UltiPro Perception to Deliver Real-Time, Actionable Insight to Managers

Key Benefits
  • Company able to embed a link in UltiPro itself so that employees can access the survey from wherever they access UltiPro
  • Highly visual, in-depth reports are available immediately, as soon as the survey is closed
  • Senior leaders were able to build custom reports in just a few minutes that enabled them to hone in on the true drivers for leadership effectiveness and employee engagement

SPS Companies, Inc., a privately held company headquartered in Manhattan, Kansas, offers steel distribution and flat-rolled steel processing, as well as pipe and tube manufacturing, through several different business units. SPS went live on UltiPro in November 2016 in order to unify the company’s eight HR systems and improve the employee experience. The company realized immediate savings from a simpler HCM platform, as well as increased employee satisfaction with HR software that brought more HR solutions and value to their fingertips.

UltiPro Perception adds meaningful value

Historically, the company conducted an annual leadership and engagement survey using a variety of administration methods. Office-based employees with computer access could take the survey online, while production-level floor workers were provided with hard copies of the survey. In order to aggregate survey results, HR undertook a manual, time-consuming process, and reporting was limited to what HR could glean manually from spreadsheet software. SPS HR leadership sought to continue facilitating positive change for the company with a more effective method to gather input and gauge the sentiment of their employees.


• The ability to embed a link in UltiPro itself enabled employees to access the survey from wherever they access UltiPro.

• As soon as the survey is closed, highly visual, in-depth reports are available immediately.

• Perception reports include insight gained from free text comments provided by employees, analyzed by Xander’s natural language processing engine, to determine common themes that emerge from asking employees open-ended questions.

• Company leadership team was able to be responsive to the voice of its employees and act rapidly to improve critical elements of its employer value proposition.

• Instantly available organization structure-based summaries, heatmaps, and custom reports by location and other demographics, enabled HR to quickly engage business unit leaders with meaningful readouts and recommendations.

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