Prior to UKG Pro, the company lacked in-depth HR analytics. Without access to regular, real-time data, managers throughout the organization operated under differing businesses assumptions.


Key Benefits

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    UKG Pro facilitates company’s acquisition strategy because of the way it can efficiently add new employees to the solution, and entirely electronic onboarding process
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    UKG Pro has delivered significant value by enabling managers to quickly enter promotions, adjust employee salaries, and change job titles
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    UKG Pro Perception gives company the ability to survey the sentiment of every employee with just a few clicks

"UKG delivers a powerful solution out of the box, but it’s also very easy to configure, whether we’re creating an additional level of approval or a field to track t-shirt size."



  • Onboarding process is entirely electronic and data flows directly into UKG Pro, making the transition for new employees from their acquired company much smoother
  • Employee access to UKG Pro through the mobile app has provided an
    enhanced experience for a variety of HR-related tasks.
  • Employees are finding it easy to respond to UKG Pro Perception surveys on any device


  • Reporting out of UKG Pro Business Intelligence is improving the company’s strategic decision making, with the scheduling function in UKG Pro delivering valuable data to internal stakeholders consistently
  • UKG Pro's easy configurability is transforming Rollins’ HR with the use of people analytics
  • Ultimate’s partnership mindset has helped the company improve the way it uses UKG Pro on a weekly basis
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