In response to employee-engagement concerns, Level Access’s human resources department began leveraging UltiPro Perception to conduct short, weekly pulse surveys, including open-text responses, to gain greater insight into the employee experience. The survey results were instantly available in UltiPro Perception, and shared with the leadership team.


Key Benefits

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    UltiPro Perception has enabled the company to address turnover and morale issues
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    Data from the solution drove meaningful, executive-sponsored action plans
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    Due to the solution’s ease of use, the company is able to change the survey topics from week to week to gather relevant information

"Behind our impressive savings is a data-based strategy that focused on listening to, then acting on employee feedback."

Colleen Wood, Chief People Officer


  • UltiPro Perception has enabled company to address turnover and morale issues, saving $1.7 million annually due to lower attrition and recruiting costs.
  • Through UltiPro Perception, company is able to truly understand its employees and have given employees a voice into the business.


  • Quarter over quarter, overall turnover dropped 18 percent with UltiPro Perception.
  • Company's data-based strategy is focused on listening to, then acting on employee feedback.
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