Level Access

Saves $1.7 Million Annually with UltiPro Perception

Key Benefits
  • UltiPro Perception has enabled the company to address turnover and morale issues
  • Data from the solution drove meaningful, executive-sponsored action plans
  • Due to the solution’s ease of use, the company is able to change the survey topics from week to week to gather relevant information

Level Access strives to create a world where digital systems can be made readily accessible to users with disabilities and the growing aging population—enabling digital technology to become a profound empowering force in their lives. The company’s industry-leading software, training, and consulting solutions help customers achieve and sustain their digital accessibility compliance objectives, while enabling them to qualify for more contracts and reach more customers.

Savings from lower attrition and recruiting costs

In response to employee-engagement concerns, Level Access’s human resources department began leveraging UltiPro Perception to conduct short, weekly pulse surveys, including open-text responses, to gain greater insight into the employee experience. The survey results were instantly available in UltiPro Perception, and shared with the leadership team.


• UltiPro Perception has enabled company to address turnover and morale issues, saving $1.7 million annually due to lower attrition and recruiting costs. 

• Through UltiPro Perception, company is able to truly understand its employees and have given employees a voice into the business.

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