Prior to UltiPro, Arc Broward relied on paper intensive, manual processes for nearly all of its human capital transactions. The agency’s recruiting process was particularly inefficient, with one staff member dedicated to filtering emails and sending applicant information onto managers. Developing a robust recruiting program was crucial for Arc Broward because, like other social service agencies, employees work in a demanding environment, and resource limitations affect rates of pay. The challenges associated with recruiting also impact retention, and the agency is continually seeking ways to optimize the work experience for its employees.


Key Benefits

  • Asset 4
    Simplified posting process has saved the time of posting ads on individual job sites, as well as the cost of single job postings
  • Asset 4
    Managers are now able to participate directly in the recruiting process, reviewing and advancing candidates on their own, without involvement from HR
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    Employees in the field are using the convenience of the UltiPro mobile app to spend more time focused on their jobs


  • Agency is reaching new talent pools because UltiPro Recruiting automatically posts opportunities to Ultimate’s job-distribution partners.
  • Once applicants engage with a job posting, the UltiPro Recruiting platform is extremely user friendly and visually appealing.


  • Staff formerly responsible for managing hundreds of applicant emails and paper based checklists have elevated their roles and added value.
  • Better systems and processes have improved the work experience for all staff.

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