Unifies and more effectively manages its U.S. and Canadian HCM

Key Benefits
  • Increased the speed and efficiency of payroll and significantly simplified the process
  • Transformed people operations with UltiPro’s role-based access
  • New processes save the company time, and help build a positive experience for the employee from day one

Headquartered in Minnetonka, Minnesota, AmeriPride’s nearly 6,000 employees are spread across 115 production facilities and service centers throughout the U.S. and Canada. The company provides linen, uniforms, floor mats, and restroom and cleaning products to nearly 150,000 customers every week.

6,000 employees

Prior to UltiPro, AmeriPride had to rely on completely separate solutions for its U.S. and Canadian payroll, resulting in redundant effort, the need for reconciliation, and data integrity challenges. Canadian employee information was stored on the company’s U.S-based platform, while payroll had to be issued from a different, antiquated system. To address these challenges and improve the employee experience, AmeriPride sought a single consolidated HR and payroll platform for its North American operations, with direct access for employees and managers. The company selected UltiPro as its solution of record and went live in January 2016.


“UltiPro gave us the opportunity to unify our HCM for the U.S. and Canada,” said Cheryl Heimer, Director of Compensation, Benefits, and HCM for AmeriPride. “With UltiPro, we increased the speed and efficiency of our payroll and significantly simplified the process. We no longer need to manually input data to run payroll, and all our employee information, from the U.S. and Canada, is always readily available for reporting and analysis.”

With a unified cloud solution, AmeriPride has been able to change to a people-centric approach. Today, AmeriPride’s workforce is able to view, update, and manage HR-related information and choices online. UltiPro’s availability through a desktop or mobile device gives employees, managers, and executives flexible, anytime access to a consistent set of data. In addition, AmeriPride has established kiosk computer stations at every branch to allow ‘non-networked’ employees to access their information online.

“We have transformed our people operations with UltiPro’s role-based access,” said Heimer. “We are creating an environment of transparency, where individuals can update their personal information and managers can access employee information remotely from the office, at home, or while traveling.”

Technology is not only transforming AmeriPride’s approach to its people, but also benefitting the business with efficiencies, communication and speed.

“UltiPro has replaced our paper-heavy and cumbersome activities like recruitment and onboarding with an integrated and automated workflow,” said Heimer. “For example, when a new hire finishes his or her onboarding experience, an email notification is sent automatically to specific departments so they know to set up the employee’s work tools—a laptop, telephone or company credit card. This is one of many new processes that not only saves the company time, but also helps build a positive experience for the employee from day one.”

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