Our Values

At Ultimate Software, people come first, in our work lives and personal lives. Beyond this basic premise, there are several values that are cornerstones of our culture. Our UltiPeeps tell the story best in their own words below.


Innovation has been the catalyst for our growth at Ultimate. UltiPeeps are constantly innovating to make our products and services the best in our industry, and their creation of a culture of innovation inspires the most exceptionally talented people to join us.

Tariq King on Innovation


Diversity drives innovation, creativity, and business success. At Ultimate, diversity translates into our hiring the most talented minds, solving complex problems creatively, and connecting with our customers in a holistic way.

UltiPeeps on Diversity

Family-Like Culture

UltiPeeps have been describing Ultimate as their “family” or “home” for years. CEO Scott Scherr tells new hires, “You are part of my family now,” and our people take that message to heart.

Tiffany Baramy on Finding a Home

Balance: Work Hard/Play Hard

Our business is energized by our CEO Scott Scherr’s vision and game plan. His leadership fosters productivity as he inspires UltiPeeps beyond even their own expectations to achieve established goals. At the same time, he understands that a balanced culture breeds bonding, teamwork, and winning. It’s our togetherness, creating our own fun versus playing forced games, that makes our work at Ultimate more than just a job. It’s what creates our victories.

UltiPeeps on Working Hard, Playing Hard