As a company, Ultimate Software shows that it truly cares for its employees by paying 100 percent of the cost for medical, dental, prescription, and vision care coverage for employees and their families. Ultimate also pays 100 percent of the cost for life insurance coverage (for employees at 1x their salaries and spouses at $10,000), and provides stock ownership to all employees no matter what job level, a generous sick-and-paid-time-off policy, telecommuting as an option for many job functions, better maternity/paternity leave benefits than law requires, discounted backup-care benefit plan for children and elder dependents, 24-hour-nurse-hotline for consultation, wellness and fitness training onsite, massages and stretching on site, meditation and Zumba classes on site, organic and healthy food options on site, car washing services on site, discounts on natural products and services, discounts on car rentals and other travel services, and many free motivational perks for a healthy life style, including a free Virgin Pulse Max Activity Tracker for recording daily steps and physical activity, along with access to a health portal and monetary rewards for reaching health goals.

On a more personal level, our leaders show our people how much they care by expressing empathy, warmth, and kindness often. Hugging is an integral part of our culture. We also have many programs and routine practices in place to recognize the significant life events of UltiPeeps and to provide support for them during times of crisis. Yet one of the most important ways that our leaders show their humanity and genuine caring is by making exceptions to our policies for unusual cases. One example is our Chief People Officer sending Ultimate’s building contractors to Amber Reedy’s house to help bring it into legal compliance when the state notified her of huge potential fines. In another instance, our CPO approved company funding for an employee, who had been with Ultimate less than one year, to stay multiple times in Washington D.C. hotels for convenient access to a new cancer treatment in clinical trial.


It is a very high priority for us at Ultimate to create an environment where our people can enjoy working and take advantage of programs that encourage them to balance their work with their personal lives and family.

Vivian Maza, Chief People Officer
Eamonn Caulfield on Work-Life Balance

Eamonn Caulfield and his scuba-diver buddies talk about how Ultimate encourages work-life balance and about the trust that grows from spending non-work time together.


UltiHome: New Hub of the Balanced Life at Ultimate

UltiHome is an intranet portal where our UltiPeeps can learn information relevant to their personal and work lives…and they can proactively communicate with other UltiPeeps and share their own topics, images, and interests with the entire UltiPeep community. On the homepage of the site, in addition to the topline menu for navigating to key areas of the portal, UltiHome features a variety of news topics in rotating banner ads at the top of the page and showcases three categories of links to individual stories and articles—UltiPeeps News, Health & Wellness, and Upcoming Events. Ultimate’s investment in a portal that is focused on our employees’ interests and that is essentially populated with content from our employees, rather than executive-driven agendas, shows the value that Ultimate places on UltiPeeps balancing their lives.

UltiHome’s homepage

In the UltiBuzz space, our UltiPeeps learn what employees are interested in by asking co-workers to offer feedback on topics such as favorite restaurants in particular cities, bachelorette party ideas, and recommendations for a good immigration attorney, daycare services, hair salons, dog sitters, guitar teachers, and more.

Sample UltiBuzz topics

In the Events space, UltiPeeps can create and find more than 50 calendars of events, activities, and other types of dates worth knowing. Many of the individual event items have links to more details or to registration forms for participating. Some calendars focus on dates important to a particular Ultimate office or department. Other calendars track dates for interest groups on topics such as yoga, mountain biking, and books to be discussed. Still others track important dates for Columbians, Christians, MoMs, Women in Leadership, and PrideUS, our interest group for those who identify themselves as LGBTQIA (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer/questioning, intersex, and allies). There are even calendars noting dates when refrigerators are to be cleaned out in specific offices or when trucks are arriving with free ice cream or special lunches.

Weston Calendar
List of specific calendars

In the Interest Groups space, UltiPeeps have already formed 40 interest groups, and we expect this number to expand since UltiHome has only been live for two months. There are clubs focused on poker, books, cars, Bible study, PC gaming, recipes, and more, and groups focused on sports such as martial arts, volleyball, table tennis, and general fitness. There are even groups focused on work-related topics such as usability design, 48 Hours ideas, and our UltiPro Carrier Network.

Sample interest groups

In the Classifieds area, UltiPeeps list products or services they want to sell. Our people love this area because it is a more secure, trustworthy place to buy and sell than the public online sites. One popular category is Services. Here, UltiPeeps list services they provide during non-work hours as well as those offered by family members and friends. Examples are: financial advisor, photographer, attorney, plumber, and band for parties.

UltiHome’s Classifieds page

In the Learning area, UltiHome centralizes the various online training Ultimate provides UltiPeeps and posts schedules for onsite training classes. There are pages devoted to specialized learning pathways for UltiPeeps in product development, internal systems, and services positions. There is also a section called UltiUniversity that offers a wide array of job-specific and personal development courses for UltiPeeps in all types of jobs, and another called Talent Development that is focused on leadership training.

For more details on these forms of learning, go to Developing.

UltiHome’s section focused on leadership training

Reinforcing the Balance Message

For the grand opening of UltiHome, we had posters on display stands in the lobbies of our various buildings to reinforce the message that UltiHome, like Ultimate Software, is a place of work-life balance. Each poster features a different UltiPeep in two types of attire, work and personal.

More Than Required by Law: Pay During Maternity/Paternity Leave

For maternity leave, in coordination with the required 12 weeks of protected leave for mothers, our policy is to pay mothers at their full salary for 6 weeks with a regular delivery and 8 weeks if it is a C-section. For males, we allow for 1 week of paid leave for 1 child, 2 weeks paid leave for twins. Mothers and fathers can elect to extend their paid days on leave by using accrued PTO, if they like. For males who are primary caretakers, our policy is consistent with the law at 12 weeks of protected leave.

Gifts and Notes of Congratulations When New Additions to UltiFamily

When UltiPeeps give birth to or adopt new babies, Ultimate and its leaders share in the celebration. Besides announcing births on our internal employee portal, our leaders send gifts and notes of congratulations. Our Chief People Officer Vivian Maza sends a gift from the company. This year the care package included a bib and blanket, both embroidered with Ultimate’s logo, along with other small items and a note of congratulations. Our Chief Services Officer Julie Dodd sends hand-written cards of congratulations to UltiPeeps in her division.

Mindfulness Meditation

In 2015, Ultimate introduced onsite Mindfulness sessions led by professionals to help our employees learn simple techniques for reducing stress by calming the mind and body. We offer the training as one-hour sessions or as 90-minute sessions given weekly over a six-week period, with a retreat at the end. We also have sessions designed specifically for managers to give them mindfulness experiences in the context of leadership excellence with the objective to enhance empathy, communication, and listening skills.

Work Spaces Designed to Promote Work-Life Balance

Ultimate designs work spaces that promote work-life balance. Besides televisions mounted in lunch booths, lunch rooms, and even overhead in some work areas, Ultimate has rooms that encourage exercise and play.

Home Court, a lunch and relaxation room with televisions
Fun Room
Games Room
Lunch Booth
Lunch booth with TV for work or play
Quiet Room
Quiet Room with Virgin Pulse hookup

Relaxation, Exercise, and Play: Part of Every Day

When you walk through Ultimate work spaces, you see air hockey and Foosball tables, dart boards, Wii games, Nerf basketball setups, television monitors tuned to non-work-related stations, and a full-size basketball court in our headquarters building. Our leaders don’t just talk about people balancing their lives, they walk the walk by providing opportunities for employees to break up their workdays with balancing moments.

Supporting Fitness and Community as Hundreds of UltiPeeps Participate

Ultimate supports UltiPeeps in countless fitness and charity events. Often the two are combined as with the annual Mercedes Benz Corporate Run in Fort Lauderdale. Ultimate pays the $40 event registration fee for all employees participating in the 5k run/walk, and awards 250 Virgin Pulse points to those participating in our free Virgin Pulse challenge. For the last 3 years, Ultimate has had the largest number of employees in the run, with more than 500 UltiPeeps competing in the event this year. We also had the Men’s and Ladies first-place winners within our division and took 2nd place in the overall Men’s competition. The enthusiasm our UltiPeeps express when supporting each other is absolutely amazing. You see this same level of enthusiasm when hundreds of our people spend days donating time to those less fortunate in ARC Broward events that both Ultimate and UltiPeeps support every year.

See more details on our ARC Broward charitable events and other community giving in Giving Back.

UltiPeeps cheer co-workers at the Corporate Run.
UltiPeeps are enthusiastic about supporting each other and the community.

Free Tickets to Sporting Events, Often in Skybox

Ultimate has frequent team events in its Marlins Stadium skybox and provides food and drinks for the occasions. These tickets are not just for people in upper-level positions but for those in all types of roles. Interns are often surprised to see that they experience fun benefits like skybox tickets and Ultimate-sponsored trips to Orlando amusement parks right along with full-time employees.

Full-Time Wellness Coach

Our full-time Wellness Coach manages a full set of wellness activities, many that she leads herself and others where she enlists the help of experts from diverse specialties. She teaches classes on how to eat in a healthy way, make smoothies and juices for energy, exercise for fitness and stress reduction, improve body firmness with circuit training, and develop behaviors that improve your quality of life. Often her classes are webcast to all our offices, and she makes frequent trips to our offices to work with our people in person.

Virtual Contests for Lifestyle Changes

Our wellness coach has virtual challenges to help us improve our healthy living practices, and all of our people are included. Our weight-loss challenges involve a specific diet and exercise plan with supportive counselling and a $1,000 prize, trophy, and t-shirt for the person with the highest percentage of body-weight lost. Recently, in our “Challenge to Make a Lifestyle Change,” the emphasis was upon keeping the weight off for a specific period of time. All participants are given pedometers, and they perform their weigh-ins through Skype. The winner can earn up to $1,000-- $250 upon winning the weigh-in at the end of the 12 weeks, and then $250 each time they maintain their weight at 6-, 9-, and 12-month intervals after the close of the competition. Our most recent winner, announced on July 1, 2014, was Art Hanley, who lost 17+% of his body weight.

I’m officially off all of my medications (blood pressure, aspirin a day) and down 134.5 lbs. I feel 20 years younger. I say it all of the time (I have to pinch myself): I’m blessed to be part of something SO GREAT at Ultimate Software!!! I could never find the words to truly show you how much it means to me.

Robert McCreadie, Executive Relationship Manager

Mojo of Ultimate in Ragnar Relay: Sponsored by Ultimate

One of our teams wanted to participate in Chicago’s Ragnar Running Series, and Ultimate paid their entry fees and the monies needed for race support. Ultimate’s Ragnar relay team ran 200 miles over 28-hours from Madison, Wisconsin, to Chicago, Illinois. This is just one instance of a team bubbling up an idea and Ultimate jumping on board to support our people.

Best team-building event I’ve ever participated in! The encouragement, the pain, the awkwardness (think sleeping in a van together in between our individual runs), and the togetherness produced a tight bond that we did not see coming. To think that Ultimate would support this was yet another indicator of People First in action.

Chad Theule, VP, Global West

Vitamix Juicers for Healthy Smoothies

First introduced to our culture by our Wellness Coach, vegetable and fruit smoothies are rapidly becoming a tradition. Our Chief People Officer kept the motivation going by ordering top-of-the-line Vitamix juicers for Ultimate eating areas. Now our people can make smoothies throughout the day for a healthy boost in energy.

Subsidized Massages and Stretch Zone Sessions

Ultimate subsidizes massages for our people at our Weston and Atlanta offices, and pays 100% for the massages under certain circumstances. Ultimate also subsidizes a Stretch Zone practitioner at headquarters, who circulates through our various buildings, helping our people to learn how to stretch properly, easing compensational muscle shifts, and explaining how stretching routinely can improve muscle relaxation, reduce stress, and improve athletic performance.

Acupuncturist On Site for Private Sessions

In August 2015, Ultimate began offering private sessions with an acupuncturist onsite at headquarters. UltiPeeps are excited about enjoying the benefits of acupuncture so conveniently at the office.  Our Aetna insurance is billed directly for the 45-minute sessions, and UltiPeeps simply pay our standard $20.00 co-pay at the time of the service.

Acupuncturist Onsite for Private Sessions

Frequent Food

Food is ever-present at Ultimate. We have catered, buffet-style breakfast and lunch meetings frequently, and the fare varies from the simple — bagels and fruit for breakfast; pizza, BBQ, a variety of salads, or mounds of sandwiches for lunch — to more elaborate meals like paella for celebrations or buffet tables topped with trays of meats, vegetables, fruits, potatoes, and desserts.

Free Ice Cream & Smoothie Days

Ultimate has had free-ice-cream days for years, and our people really enjoy the treat and the relaxing break from work. Now at headquarters, Ultimate has added JuiceBlenz to our periodic treat breaks. People can enjoy a healthful option like a fat-free yogurt- and fruit-blended Strawberry Samba or more extravagant Peachy Keen. We still have ice cream truck visits, but now we alternate with this healthier treat option.

Healthy Meals, Treats at Work

In addition to frequent free lunches and team meals, Ultimate provides an array of nutritious salad, sandwich, fruit, and drink choices at reduced prices (Ultimate paying 50% on healthy options). Our people can buy these whenever they like at headquarters and our Atlanta office.

Organic Produce Delivered for Home Meals

For the convenience and health of our people, we have organic produce from local farms delivered to our headquarters every other week. We also have organic prepared meals delivered for lunches at the office or in bulk to take home for several nights’ evening meals.

Convenient Services Ultimate Offers

  • Free will preparation and several other common legal documents
  • Free flu shots given on site
  • Breast cancer kits for all women mailed to homes
  • Yoga sessions on site
  • Weight Watchers classes, subsidized by Ultimate
  • Car washing on site
  • Pet insurance
  • Prepaid WageWorks Healthcare Card to pay for healthcare products and services, such as your doctor’s appointments or co-pays, prescriptions, eyeglasses, and contact lenses.
  • Local discounts to restaurants, hair salons, and stores
  • Discounted sporting events tickets, cruises, and tickets to events
  • Cuban coffee makers and Vitamix juicers
  • Onsite shipping – employees can mail or ship personal packages from Ultimate’s shipping department and have the cost automatically deducted from their paychecks
  • AED/CPR training is offered to interested employees, with AEDs stationed at various places within our headquarters’ buildings
  • Wii games in several locations
  • Hurricane guide, directory of emergency phone numbers, and links to federal, state, and local emergency service agencies were emailed to employees at the onset of hurricane season.
  • Health and wellness newsletter sent via email monthly
  • Identity theft services


UltiPeeps talk about caring for and supporting one another.

Family-Like Culture

UltiPeeps have been describing Ultimate as their “family” or “home” for years. CEO Scott Scherr shows his employees how much he cares by talking to every person with the same warmth and gratitude no matter what job they hold. He shows by sharing company goals with everyone. And he shows by giving ownership in Ultimate to all employees, not just the highest ranked, and by paying 100 percent of the premium for healthcare, dental, and other insurance coverage for employees…and their families. Scott regularly tells new hires, “You are part of my family now,” and our people take that message to heart. Some employees have called Scott “the father” of Ultimate and Vivian Maza, our Chief People Officer, the mother. What is so uniquely Ultimate is the way that this feeling of family support and togetherness permeates our culture in innumerable ways.

Tiffanie Baramy on Finding a Home

Born in Cambodia, Tiffanie Baramy talks about escaping across the Mekong River to a Thailand detention camp before making it to America, earning a business degree, and finding a true “home” at Ultimate.

Executive Support: Empathizing, Visiting Hospitals, Attending Funerals

CEO Scott, CPO Viv, and all of our topline executives show how much they care by personally hugging employees in crisis, visiting them at the hospital, and attending funerals. They send flowers and food baskets, depending upon the situation, and notes of condolence for occasions like funerals.

Norma Gray recalls a time years ago when CEO Scott gave her “strength” after losing her sister.
Amber Reedy recalls CEO Scott visiting her in the hospital after a car accident.

We have an UltiPeep who had been caring for both her mother and brother because of their heart conditions. Recently, her brother unexpectedly died of the condition, and he left behind two young children. A co-worker, Peter Kong, set up a GoFundMe account for the family. Our CEO saw the email about the fund and forwarded it to his executive team to encourage donations. The GoFundMe account collected more than $70,000 for the family. We also recently had an employee with cancer leave us to care for herself, her ailing mother, and a disabled son. Ultimate paid for a special chair to help her get up from her seat and again set up a GoFundMe account for UltiPeeps to donate funds to help with unanticipated expenses.

On July 4th this year, a 28-year-old Cloud Activations Technician originally from Brazil died in a tragic car accident. His parents came to Florida from Brazil to handle funeral arrangements, and our CPO Viv went to meet with them personally to express our deepest sympathies from the Ultimate family. Viv notified everyone at Ultimate of the tragedy, as she typically does, and actively encouraged UltiPeeps to attend his funeral and to show their UltiLove by wearing their favorite UltiShirts to work and to the service. Both Scott and Viv attended the services, as well as hundreds of UltiPeeps.

Comprehensive Manager Involvement When Employees Sick

Our executives and managers always go the extra mile to help employees who are disabled or sick. There are too many examples to list, but one recent story is illustrative of the type of involvement our managers typically have. Kathryn Mapes, a Manager in our Learning Solutions group, recently had a front-line worker become quite ill. Kathryn kept in touch with her friend and co-worker nearly daily, and she kept our Chief Services Officer, Chief People Officer, and other executives and managers informed about the situation as it progressed from the co-worker using a walker and losing her ability to speak clearly to her move into temporary living arrangements while awaiting an opening at an assisted living facility, to finding another caretaker for her disabled son. Kathryn’s Director, Linda Larrivee, also set up a GoFundMe site, and together they led the effort to raise $5,000 to help their co-worker furnish her new apartment. They as well as many other UltiPeeps have kept in touch with her constantly to encourage her and let her know that everyone is thinking of her.

Employee Testimonials of Ultimate’s Support at Difficult Times

So many UltiPeeps proactively send “thank you” emails to Scott and Viv for all the care and support they receive as members of the UltiFamily. Sentiments like these are common: “Never once were we asked about the doctor’s appointments or missed hours at the office,” “Ultimate is truly my family,” “My total medical bills exceeded $300,000, and I have only been out about $500 for the stay,” and “Being in a place without my spouse and with no family, my UltiPeeps made sure I was taken care of and provided me love and support.”

Changing Policy to Accommodate Employee Medical Situations

Amy Zinda from our Marketing department has a daughter who needed cranial therapy when she was young. Through online research and blogging, Amy found that it is common for insurance companies not to cover cranial therapy, and after extensive conversations with Ultimate’s healthcare provider, she learned that ours did not cover it either. Amy wrote our CPO Vivian Maza, and within one hour, she heard back. Viv had contacted our healthcare insurance provider, and they changed our policy to cover the therapy for Amy’s daughter…and thereafter for all other children of UltiPeeps who may need such therapy.

Viv also heard from employees who have children with autism that our healthcare policy was not covering as much Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) speech therapy as they as parents wanted. Viv had the coverage for ABA added and increased the number of therapy visits when Ultimate changed healthcare insurance providers this year.

Health Coach Service: Total Wellness Management at No Cost

All UltiPeeps have access to a nursing coach and can choose when and how often they would like to consult with their coach. Those who sign up for this service can call before or after a doctor’s visit or call whenever they have a medical question or want advice on how to improve their health. Health coaches work with UltiPeeps to:

  • Learn ways to lower cholesterol, lose weight, or manage a condition like asthma or diabetes
  • Review and understand treatment plans or medications recommended by physicians
  • Develop a plan to make healthier lifestyle choices

Registered Nurses Available 24 Hours a Day

UltiPeeps can contact a registered nurse 24 hours a day by a toll-free telephone number or by email. Nurses help UltiPeeps to:

  • Learn about medical procedures and treatment options
  • Improve how they talk with their doctor and other healthcare providers
  • Find out how to describe their symptoms better
  • Ask the right questions

Online Health-Management Tools

All UltiPeeps have access to one of the most advanced medical-knowledge databases in the industry. Here, we can use a symptom checker to help us in our decision to visit a doctor, learn about specific medical tests and medications, use interactive tools to measure our own health and fitness, do in-depth research on targeted diseases and conditions, and answer an interactive questionnaire to help with surgery decisions.

Ongoing Support for Our People

Ultimate pays 100% of the premium for healthcare and dental care for all our full-time people and their families (including same-sex partners who are married). Ultimate also pays 100% of the premium for a life insurance policy for each full-time person equal to their annual salary, and 100% of the premium for long-term disability insurance. In addition, Ultimate matches employee contributions to their 401(k) plans at 35% each payroll period, up to the legal limit for employer match.

Back-Up Care

Ultimate has partnered with Bright Horizons for our Back-Up Care Advantage Program. Employees can use this service when they need to be at work and their regular child or elder/adult care is unavailable. We have access to services for Back-Up Child Care Centers; Back-up, In-Home Child Care; and Back-Up, In-Home Adult Care.

Carpooling Reimbursement

Employees who carpool to work are eligible to receive a transportation allowance in the form of a monthly payroll reimbursement. Ultimate provides a payroll reimbursement each month for one full tank of gas to the main driver of the month. Only employees who carpool to work with other Ultimate employees on an average of three days per week are eligible to receive this payroll gas receipt reimbursement allowance. In addition to receiving this allowance, we provide a number of preferential parking spots reserved for carpools only.

Travel Protection and Assistance

Ultimate has a travel protection plan for employees, at no cost to our people, for times when they are traveling for business or on vacation, whether in the United States or internationally. The service provides emergency medical evacuation assistance when traveling 100 miles or more from home, pre-trip planning assistance, translation and interpretation assistance, and assistance with lost or stolen items (including those of a traveling companion).

UltiCare Room

New in 2014, Ultimate has an “UltiCare Room,” where our people can donate used medical equipment, such as crutches, wheel chairs, braces, knee scooters, for others to use. When UltiPeeps have injuries or surgeries, they can check out the equipment at no cost.

Dedicated Healthcare Representative Onsite

To help our employees with healthcare coverage questions or claims issues they may have, we have a full-time healthcare representative onsite. Ultimate pays 100 percent of the cost of our healthcare premium to a PPO healthcare plan, but there are always questions about exactly what’s covered and how to expedite payments. She is available to explain precise coverages on our policy, help with individual claims or appeals, assist with prescription requests to our mail-order or local prescription center, research locations that stock covered medical devices, and more.

Flexible Time Off for Employees in Crisis

It is common at Ultimate for executives and managers to give employees flexible schedules and time off when their loved ones are ill, dying, or otherwise experiencing difficulties. In certain situations, they allow for more than our policy provides for. The decisions for increased flexibility and time off are made based upon the details of individual situations. In severe cases, Ultimate contributes in ways that have more impact than simply extended time off. An example is an UltiPeep whose roof caved in from excessive rain and hurricane-force winds. Ultimate provided her with a temporary place to live, and co-workers donated household items to replace those she lost in the crisis.

Supporting Dependent Children’s Activities: Available to All UltiPeeps

Ultimate has been sponsoring the events, clubs, and extracurricular activities of UltiPeep children for years. Previously, the sponsorship amount was $250 for one event per child annually, and this year the amount was increased to $300 to streamline distribution of the money through paychecks and to cover any tax incurred from the income. UltiPeeps typically apply the money to team uniforms, participation fees, and equipment.

Employee Assistance Program

Ultimate has an Employee Assistance Program that provides our people free, confidential service with a professional or referral to community program for extra support in handling life's many demands. Employees can find consultative help for alcohol, legal, and family issues.


Diversity is part of our makeup at Ultimate. The best testimonial of how people from different cultures and different belief systems feel at Ultimate is to hear what they say.

View personal video stories of our people from diverse backgrounds: Tom, who talks about same-sex coverage and inclusion practices at Ultimate, starting with his first interview and the New Hire Orientation; Peter, who is from Hong Kong, talks about feeling like a brother to Joe who has a mixed background of Cuban, German, Irish, and American Indian; and Major and Norma, both African-American, who talk about feeling like family at Ultimate.

Click here to view Tom, Peter, Major and Norma talk about feeling included and cared for.

Celebrating Diverse Cultural Backgrounds at Ultimate

At Ultimate, we celebrate the many diverse cultural backgrounds that we come from. We have lunches where we encourage people to bring their favorite dishes from their heritage. Some bring homemade items, others buy their dishes, but the overall spirit is the same—celebration of diversity. Sometimes, UltiPeeps bring samples of ethnic clothing from their cultures and stories of their heritage, as well as share stories about their homelands and families.

UltiPeeps in our California office dress in ethnic clothing and share stories and food from their differing cultures.
A banner ad on UltiHome inviting UltiPeeps to their Multicultural Potluck lunch.

Recruiting from Diverse Backgrounds

We proactively recruit people from diverse backgrounds since Ultimate’s inception. Our Chief People Officer Vivian Maza is Cuban herself, and she actively recruited J.C. Gonzalez and Mirtha Angulo, both also Cuban and with Ultimate now for 20 years.

People from diverse backgrounds are very much a part of the Ultimate family. The feeling of camaraderie and acceptance is so good that I’ve told my wife and friends I want to stay and retire here. I would encourage all talented people from across the globe to make Ultimate their first choice.

Bill Kim, Cloud Application Owner (born in Seoul, South Korea)

My teammates at Ultimate are like brothers and sisters to me. It’s like being at home again with my friends and family.

Reasey Praing, Software Engineer (from Phnom Penh, Cambodia)

At Ultimate, we walk the walk. We don’t just talk it. We believe it. We’re family. All of us. No matter where we are from. It’s not just words.

Cezar Camara, Cloud Application Owner (born in Belem, Brazil)

People from Diverse Backgrounds in High-Level Positions

Nearly half of the highest level management positions on our engineering team are held by people from diverse backgrounds. The countries represented are: Canada, Columbia, Dubai, India, Romania, and Puerto Rico.

Ultimate is a place that is always recruiting for the most talented people, regardless of their cultural background. We are truly color-blind. It’s about finding the crème-de-la-crème, A-plus players. When people join us from diverse backgrounds, they are a part of us right away because of the inclusive culture, intellectually stimulating work environment, mutual respect for talent, and most importantly, our family-like atmosphere.

Abey Joseph, Sr. Director, Software Engineering (born in India, raised in Dubai)

Same-Sex, Domestic Partner Coverage

Ultimate has provided same-sex insurance coverage for a number of years. Domestic partners who are married have the same medical, dental, prescription, and vision coverage that our other families enjoy.

Communities of Interest: Diversity Mission

Ultimate rolled out Communities of Interest in 2014 to promote social networking groups made up of individuals who join together with a specific and shared interest. One of the stated goals is to ensure we are rooted in equality, diversity, and cultural intelligence. Since Communities of Interest are intended to be inclusive, “Allies” are welcome to join any community of interest they want to support and advocate.

PrideUS: A Popular LGBTQIA Community

PrideUS, the first interest group to be shared with all UltiPeeps, is also one of our active networking communities. With more than 60 members today, PrideUS was founded by and for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer/questioning, intersex and ally (LGBTQIA) team members. The acronym PrideUS stands for: People Respecting Individual Differences Empowering Ultimate Software. The mission of the community is to ensure that our LGBTQIA UltiPeeps feel safe, welcome, and comfortable bringing their whole selves to work while volunteering to help make the world a better place for everyone.

In my 15 years of service to Ultimate, I have experienced 15 years of acceptance and love. We treat people well, regardless of their skin color, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religion, age, veteran status, or disability. Simply, when Ultimate says it’s People First, we mean ALL people.

Greg Tronzo, Leadership Development Manager

Trevor Project

In 2014, to expand awareness of PrideUS and its objectives, members of PrideUS held a lunch-time event at our three largest offices—in Weston, Atlanta, and Santa Ana—and invited UltiPeeps to enjoy cupcakes and to donate to The Trevor Project, the leading national organization providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to LGBTQ young people ages 13-24. For a donation of $5 or more, each person was given a PrideUS lapel pin. The rollout netted the group $11,200 in donations to The Trevor Project, and the group continues to raise awareness and donations for The Trevor Project through our UltiHome portal.

Women in Leadership: Celebrating and Learning Together

Ultimate launched its second community of interest, Women in Leadership, in June 2015 with a meeting open to all UltiWomen of all job levels at Ultimate. UltiWomen in the Weston office enjoyed champagne, strawberries, and in-person networking, while those not in Weston participated through a live streaming of the event. The keynote speaker was Cindy Solomon, an expert on being a powerful woman leader, who is a frequent speaker at women’s conferences. Women in Leadership also has an online community for UltiWomen to discuss goals, ask questions, and collaborate on how they can positively impact future women leaders at work, schools, and community.

Women in Leadership Banner
Women in Leadership Banner

Sponsoring Girls Who Code

Ultimate’s Women in Leadership group partners with the Girls Who Code organization in South Florida. Girls Who Code is committed to closing the gender gap in technology by inspiring girls to pursue computer science as a career and by exposing them to real-life role models. In July 2015, Ultimate hosted them at our headquarters to meet with our engineers, developers, and executives and talked with them about their aspirations and about the many benefits of technology careers. Ultimate treated them to a lunch at Tarantella Ristorante where the girls were able to enjoy more personal, casual interactions with both male and female engineers and executives from Ultimate.

Sponsoring Girls Who Code
UltiPeeps welcoming young women to Ultimate.
Sponsoring Girls Who Code
CEO Scott Scherr talking about how valuable our female engineers are to Ultimate's success.
Sponsoring Girls Who Code
Cecile Leroux, our VP of Innovation, explaining how Ultimate's technologies simplify the work lives of our customers.
Sponsoring Girls Who Code
Sponsoring Girls Who Code
Young women sponsored by Girls Who Code talking casually with Ultimate's engineers and leaders while enjoying lunch.

New Hires Only Communities

Our new hires in Product Development, Information Services, and Enterprise Relationship Management have their own communities where only new hires chat. No full-time people are permitted except a tenured manager/administrator to oversee the site. It is a safe place where new hires can ask one another questions that they might not feel comfortable asking a long-time employee for fear of appearing uninformed or unintelligent. It is also a comfortable networking spot for developing friendships with people in similar circumstances.

Cinco de Mayo Celebration

We have a Cinco de Mayo celebration every year at Ultimate. While the celebration officially commemorates the Mexican army's victory over French forces at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862, it has become a celebration of the Mexican culture.

Indian Cricket Group

We have some UltiPeeps from India who play cricket together every Sunday when the league is in season, 8 out of 12 months a year. Their friendship extends beyond Ultimate and often includes other co-workers from Ultimate, all enjoying the diversity of their cultural differences.

Ultimate and especially my team have been a second family to me for the past nine years. I have never felt excluded because of my background. In fact, I always feel at home with my Ultimate colleagues.

Prateek Singh, Software Engineer

Ultimate is a multicultural place. I always feel included on all aspects of every team I’ve been on. I have the pleasure of working with people who share my culture with me and want me to be part of theirs.

Rakesh Ravikumar, Software Engineer

Interns: Included as Equals

While our interns are not on our full-time payroll, they are included in our work environment as equals. In engineering, for example, they program alongside full-time engineers and meet with leaders. They are very much a part of our atmosphere of fun and camaraderie as well — having their own special events like a Duck Tour in Miami, lunch on South Beach, and a night in Ultimate’s skybox at the Marlins stadium. They are also included on the trips the development team takes to Orlando’s theme parks.