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Time and Scheduling

Reduce reliance on inefficient, labor-intensive time and labor management processes, to improve productivity and engagement for all of your hourly, salaried, full- or part-time employees. Designed for organizations of all sizes, UKG Pro Time and Scheduling leverages the latest smart technologies to help manage the entire employee lifecycle—from pre-hire to retire.

  • Handle complex labor costs, with automated time and attendance management
  • Reduce manual tasks and increase visibility into absence costs
  • Use AI-based scheduling to manage complex work scheduling requirements, and better align labor to demand
  • Access tools that help prevent ineligible or unauthorized time off, reduce manual tasks, and provide greater visibility into absence costs
  • Enable employees to easily adjust schedules, swap shifts, and request time off, from any device
  • Gain visibility into requests, leave eligibility, and balance tracking, via a personalized dashboard