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InTouch DX Timeclock

Effectively managing an hourly workforce can be challenging, especially if your employees lack access to a computer during work hours. InTouch DX is an innovative, easy-to-use timeclock that helps drive more accurate timekeeping, collaborative scheduling, and regulatory compliance, while providing real-time access to data, from virtually any work environment.

  • Reimagine the timeclock experience, with a large, 7" capacitive touchscreen with wide VGA full-color LCD and faster navigation
  • Deliver a personalized experience to your workforce with real-time notifications
  • Optimize viewing angle for ergonomic use, and streamline navigation for faster interactions
  • Feel confident with an extremely reliable and durable timeclock device, designed for virtually any work environment
  • Enjoy real-time access to the cloud, allowing employees and managers to perform key transactions at any InTouch DX across your facility
  • Offer multilanguage support for your diverse workforce
  • Leverage optional biometric authentication to prevent time theft and eliminate buddy punching