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Behavioral Healthcare Company Selects Cloud-Based UltiPro for Unified HCM, Strategic Impact

Date: January 22, 2015 4:30 PM EDT

Ultimate Software
(Nasdaq: ULTI), a leading cloud provider of people management solutions, announced today that Anka Behavioral Health, Inc. (Anka), a premiere non-profit healthcare corporation that provides recovery-based services to mental health and social services communities, has selected the cloud-based UltiPro solution to improve human capital management (HCM), deliver real-time reporting for strategic insight, and achieve a range of cost savings and time savings.

Established in 1973, Anka partners with public and private sector behavioral health organizations to provide mental health and social services to more than 16,000 individuals and their families. Anka's unique programs consistently earn recognition in the U.S. for comprehensive, cutting-edge services, which include transitional and long-term residential services, assisted living, vocational services, outpatient care, homeless care, forensics, and more.

To support its overall business, agency leaders wanted to leverage a unified HCM solution that delivered speed, flexibility, and control to its end users; strategic insight to managers and executives; and measurable cost savings back to the organization. In September 2014, Anka selected Ultimate’s cloud-based UltiPro solution.

“Our leadership team conducted an extensive evaluation of HCM vendors, and there were a variety of reasons why we selected UltiPro. The technology was at the top of our list. The breadth of product functionality and support services that Ultimate could deliver, and the ease in incorporating these into our other business processes and systems, was a major differentiator for us,” said Kevin Andrews, Vice President of Information Technology at Anka Behavioral Health.

“In contrast to our previous HR and payroll system, as well as other HCM systems we looked at, UltiPro impressed us because the technology is so easy to use, and by having immediate access to real-time information, we can do business faster and better, especially with UltiPro’s capabilities for reporting,” said HR Manager Natalie Hotaling. “We have an employee-centric culture, and by giving us increased visibility into our people and their actions, UltiPro will help us make stronger, more impactful decisions that support our entire organization.”

Many companies rely on multiple systems and methods to manage, track, and plan the range of HR, payroll, and talent management, often leading to excessive hours spent on manual administration and reconciliation, inconsistent or inaccurate data, delays, and unnecessary expenses. By leveraging a unified HCM solution, organizations like Anka can improve the productivity of HR and payroll teams, experience high levels of adoption among employees, support strategic decisions with real-time business intelligence, and align talent with long-term goals.

In addition to delivering a full suite of HCM, UltiPro includes cohesive reporting that seamlessly connects data across HR, payroll, benefits enrollment, recruiting, onboarding, and time management. By having all of its HCM in one solution, Anka can provide managers, executives, and HR teams with instant access to in-depth information, and immediate business results include speed, control, and flexibility.

“UltiPro will be a much better, more cost-effective use of our resources, which is critical for an organization like ours,” said Janice Washburn, Chief Financial Officer at Anka Behavioral Health. “We are excited about the multiple business advantages that UltiPro will bring, especially the speed, accuracy, and ease in creating meaningful reporting. We also will be improving the user experience for our HR and payroll teams as well as our other employees. Many of our staff work in the field or in facilities that share computers, so it’s very important to us that our people have easy, intuitive ways to access, navigate, and use the technology. More control, more options, and more flexibility are some of the benefits that our employees will enjoy with UltiPro.”

“In addition to achieving better efficiencies, strategic insight, and services to our employees, we are looking forward to the cost savings. We completed an extensive cost analysis that compared UltiPro with our existing system and other HCM technology, and we were impressed by the measurable returns that UltiPro will deliver. Having easy-to-use, sophisticated technology, coupled with the anticipated cost savings, meant moving to UltiPro was definitely the right decision for our organization.”

“Making the switch to UltiPro can mean exceptional levels of efficiency, speed, and strategic insight for companies like Anka Behavioral Health. In addition to simplifying work and enhancing the user experience, companies that leverage our unified HCM solution can experience quantifiable business gains,” said Chris Phenicie, chief sales officer at Ultimate Software, UltiPro Mid-Market & Strategic. “We’re very pleased to welcome this healthcare organization to our growing list of customers, and we look forward to supporting its unique business with our cloud technology.”

About Anka Behavioral Health, Inc.
Anka is a non-profit organization with the mission to eliminate the impact of behavioral health problems for all people. In operation since 1973, Anka provides caring, dependable, and professional behavioral health and social service programs that serve over 16,000 individuals each year. For more information, please visit www.ankabhi.org

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Ultimate is a leading cloud provider of people management solutions, with more than 19 million people records in the cloud. Ultimate’s award-winning UltiPro delivers HR, payroll, talent, and time and labor management solutions that connect people with the information they need to work more effectively. Founded in 1990, the company is headquartered in Weston, Florida, and employs more than 2,300 professionals. In 2015, for the third year in a row, Ultimate was recognized as one of Achievers’ 50 Most Engaged Workplaces™ in North America. In 2014, Ultimate was ranked #20 on FORTUNE’s list of the 100 Best Companies to Work For; ranked #8 on Forbes magazine’s list of the 100 Most Innovative Growth Companies; and recognized as a ‘Leader’ in Nucleus Research’s HCM Technology Value Matrix. Ultimate has more than 2,800 customers with employees in 150 countries, including Bloomin’ Brands, Culligan International, Major League Baseball, Pep Boys, Texas Roadhouse, and Yamaha Corporation of America. More information on Ultimate’s products and services for people management can be found at www.ultimatesoftware.com.

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