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HR HERO:  Katherine Cutter, Bar Harbor Bank & Trust

Using UltiPro Onboarding to put people first

Founded in 1887, Bar Harbor Bank & Trust is a community bank in New England offering a full range of financial services products for families, businesses, and non-profit organizations.

The bank recently completed a merger that significantly increased the bank’s presence and stature in the region. Bar Harbor needed to onboard about 350 employees and move their data into UltiPro.

Katherine Cutter, HR & recruiting manager at Bar Harbor Bank & Trust, chose to use UltiPro Onboarding to create a meaningful onboarding experience for the new employees, and to take advantage of the product’s collaborative technologies. For example, Cutter and her team created a welcome video specifically for new employees and attached it to their onboarding portal. In addition, the bank was able to attach any required documents to the new employees’ onboarding process.

Cutter identified three main benefits of the UltiPro Onboarding experience:

  • The new employees enjoyed the product’s user-friendly experience. Bar Harbor was committed to providing a great onboarding experience, and UltiPro helped the bank deliver.
  • Bar Harbor was able to process all I-9 forms electronically—about 350 employees in over 35 locations.
  • Cutter and her team could ensure that all new employees saw the available trainings and key company documents, such as the employee handbook and policy sheets, and sign as necessary. With the knowledge that every employee received the same information, UltiPro Onboarding gave HR peace of mind that the new employees would be prepared for their new work environment.

Congratulations to Katherine Cutter and her team for making the merger a success!