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HR HERO:  David Varner, Superior Linen Service, Inc.

Maximizing the value of HR Technology

Superior Linen Service, family owned and operated since 1954, is committed to delivering exceptional linen and facility service programs to over 3,000 customers in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Southern Kansas, and Southern Missouri.

After activating UltiPro in July 2013, aggressive adoption goals were set to ensure the company would benefit from the solution’s full capabilities. The company sought to increase UltiPro participation to 100%, infuse UltiPro into the company’s culture, and use UltiPro to increase employee engagement. Superior Linen faced special challenges aligning its workplace, with its very diverse, multi-lingual workforce that consists of 83% production employees who work in multiple locations across four states.

David Varner, chief strategy & development officer at Superior Linen Service, recognized that the company was lagging behind its UltiPro goals, and set a target in May 2016 to get 100% of employees logging into UltiPro at least once every two weeks. He led a campaign to educate the company’s entire workforce about the importance of UltiPro, and drove several initiatives:
  • The company installed kiosks in every plant, and trained every employee to login to UltiPro on the kiosks and from their mobile devices.
  • A robust family of BI alerts were created to remind employees to login
  • Bursted reports that measured the company’s progress were distributed to supervisors and leadership weekly

In spite of the challenges, on February 1, 2017, every employee had logged into UltiPro at least once in the previous two weeks.

After the dramatic increase in UltiPro logins, Varner seized the opportunity to transform a variety of HR processes. PTO was standardized to be requested, approved, and managed in UltiPro, and legacy paper-tracking systems have been totally eliminated. PTO reports for supervisors summarize work schedules, helping to manage teams’ labor hours. A PTO audit also saved the company thousands of dollars in erroneous leave payouts.

Varner additionally oversaw the company’s elimination of paper performance reviews with the creation of a standard performance management program that resides completely in UltiPro. All of the company’s coaching and discipline is processed through UltiPro Performance Management, with more than 800 employees having completed the process in the past year.

Congratulations to David Varner for increasing engagement throughout the company and making the most of UltiPro’s HR tools!