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UltiPro Global HCM

Putting People First Worldwide

UltiPro Global HCM enables multinational organizations to deliver a consistent and engaging experience for all employees, regardless of their location.

UltiPro is a highly configurable HRM solution and enables you to support the unique needs of a region or country, as well as meet the expectations of employees and managers locally. Employees can tailor the user experience to their cultural preferences, such as displaying information in their preferred language (to date, U.S. and UK English, Canadian English and French, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Dutch, German, Italian, French (France), Filipino (Tagalog), and Malay).

With UltiPro Global HCM, your employees around the world have access to the people-centric data and human resource management tools they need at any time, in any place, and on any device.

  • Achieve one, accurate global view of your workforce
  • Track and manage all people-centric data in real-time, in one global system of record
  • Automatically recognize an employees’ country based on his or her profile settings and then display information such as currency and date in the correct local format
  • Capture country-specific localizations for more than 35 countries, including Australia, Brazil, France, Italy, and Spain
  • Record employment contracts and agreement details for global employees
  • Ensure targeted compliance in the countries where your people work
  • Prepare your workforce as your organization expands to other areas of the globe
  • Deliver standards processes and experiences to employees

When processing payroll for employees outside of the U.S. and Canada, UltiPro’s cloud platform and country-specific localizations enable you to easily and securely integrate UltiPro to the global payroll service provider of your choice.

International human resource management starts at the local level. Supporting your people locally builds a cohesive, global culture with better adoption, communication, and engagement, and UltiPro will help you get there.