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Whitepaper Series: Demystifying Healthcare Reform—Volume 5

Skip the headaches of determining your upcoming health care responsibilities as an employer. Read the fifth volume of Ultimate Software’s Demystifying Healthcare Reform series. In our ongoing Demystifying Healthcare Reform series, we’ll cut straight to the point and get you the information you need
to know about the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA). Learn the key factors your business should consider to hit the ground running under the new law.

In Volume 5, we examine the individual insurance mandate that went into effect in 2014. Discover everything your employees need to know:
  • What exemptions apply to the mandate
  • How penalties are calculated
  • Key dates and deadlines

Fill out the brief form to access this exclusive look at these important provisions, and check out the rest of our ACA Resource Center for additional insights on the PPACA.