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On-Demand HCM Webcast
The Trust Factor: Do Your Employees Trust You?

Here's How to Find Out...

Trust is vital to your organization's success. When your people trust you, they'll be more productive, motivated, and loyal. Many employees even connect trust in their supervisors to their overall job performance and satisfaction.

But why do so many employees feel like they can't trust their leadership or employer? Today, more employees than ever are reporting that their organization simply doesn't understand them. Many employees also cite a lack of transparency or open dialogue with their leadership.

Join guest speaker Vivian Maza, Ultimate Software's Chief People Officer, to learn how you can build a culture of trust in your workplace. You'll also get an exclusive sneak peek of an innovative tool that can help you better understand and measure your employees' needs and feelings.


Vivian Maza hosts this webcast to examine the Trust Factor: Do your Employees trust you? Vivian Maza,
Chief People Officer

Vivian Maza was one of Ultimate Software’s original four employees, serving as office manager from its inauguration in 1990. As her role continued to expand and evolve, Viv went on to become Chief People Officer in 2004, where she’s served ever since. Through her infectious passion, authenticity, and genuine care for people, Viv fosters Ultimate’s unique and award-winning company culture by inspiring employees to continuously practice and honor Ultimate’s core values. Prior to joining Ultimate, she was a systems analyst for the wholesale division of ADP.