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Employee Surveys:
The Power of Perception

Three out of four employees say they would stay at their organization longer if their employer listened to and addressed their concerns1.

To get into the minds and hearts of your employees, you need to understand how they feel. This requires going beyond traditional employee-feedback tools, and leveraging advanced survey technology.

That’s where Perception by Ultimate Software comes in.

Powered by Xander®, Ultimate’s artificial intelligence (AI) engine, Perception offers a modern way to collect and understand employee feedback. The solution goes deeper than simply identifying positive and negative to decipher true emotions using natural language processing technology. With Perception, you have the power to understand not only what employees are saying, but also how they feel about your company’s work environment, culture, and leadership.

Discover how you can harness the voice of your employees to drive organizational change and increase employee engagement.

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1According to a nationwide survey by The Center for Generational Kinetics.