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The Way Forward: A Look at Post-Crisis Work Life

Read what HR expert and consultant Laurie Ruettimann has to say about the return to work.

Read what Ruettimann has to say about the return of work.

The workforce as we knew it in March 2020 has changed forever thanks to COVID-19. The global pandemic tried to cancel work, and it’s on HR and our leaders to bring it back.

Laurie Ruettimann, author and host of the podcast Punk Rock HR takes a deep dive exploring what the future of work is going to look like when it comes to the types of remote work, new policy initiatives, and so much more. She also brings in expert advice from her friends and HR leaders on how companies can handle different areas of work.

One of the most important topics she discusses is the importance of diversity, inclusion, equity, and belonging (DIEB) initiatives, companies can take during this time. It’s important to continuously invest in these programs, even when it’s not convenient. Access your guide to learn more on the future of work in our post-COVID-19 world.