On-Demand Webcast:
The Legalization of Marijuana
How to Balance Compliance, Safety, and HR Concerns

In the past few years, Canadian laws have been adapted to allow for the use of medicinal marijuana to treat a variety of chronic and acute health conditions. As a result, Canadian employers have also had to adapt, and the accommodation of medical marijuana continues to be an emerging issue facing workplaces.

To make matters more interesting, the Government of Canada recently introduced proposed legislation which will legalize cannabis for recreational purposes. The Cannabis Act is expected to come into effect by Canada Day, 2018. In the wake of such a significant change to the legal status of marijuana, it will be crucial for employers to recognize that there are different types of cannabis users, and that each one raises its own set of issues in the workplace. While an employer who fails to accommodate regardless of circumstances exposes themselves to liability under human rights legislation, an employer’s failure to recognize that not all users have the same entitlements at law may contribute to unnecessary safety hazards in the workplace.

Stuart Rudner is the Founder of Rudner Law, a boutique law firm specializing in HR law, and Brittany Taylor is a Senior Associate with the firm. Join them as they discuss some of the challenges for employers operating in a society where marijuana use is likely to become even more commonplace. In this webinar, and the accompanying white paper, Stuart and Brittany will address a number of distinct issues employers may encounter, including:

Join us for this session to ensure that your organization has the information and tools necessary to plan for the enactment of the Cannabis Act and respond to employee issues in a manner compliant with the legislation.

Guest Speakers:

Stuart Rudner
Employment Lawyer and Mediator
Founder of Rudner Law

Brittany A. Taylor
Employment Lawyer
Associate at Rudner Law