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Mini-Course Limited Time Offer

Courageous Leadership Through Disruption

Courageous Leadership Through Disruption is an online, On-Demand MicroLearning™ mini-course exclusively designed to help you build the courageous leadership skills it takes to not only survive through workplace disruption, but to thrive during it.

As part of Cindy Solomon's partnership with Ultimate Software, you will have limited-time access to five Courageous Leadership episodes that will help you address the leadership changes we are all facing in these tough times. Learn how to:

  • Be the Best Leader You Can Be - Especially During Disruption
  • Create Performance in 2 Minutes - Even Virtually
  • Prioritize Engagement in a Virtual Setting
  • Jumpstart and Build Your Sphere of Influence During Disruption
  • Use Your Core Courage to Thrive During Disruption


Cindy Solomon

Cindy Solomon, Founder at The Courageous Leadership Institute
Cindy Solomon is a leadership expert, best-selling author, and renowned keynote speaker who helps Fortune 5000 companies around the world cultivate courageous leaders and customer-focused cultures. As one of the premier leadership speakers in the world, Cindy's mission is to radically update the way we think about and practice leadership to create high-performance teams focused on consumer experience and results. Cindy's clients include a who's who of corporate America and national/international associations including Oracle, KeyBank, Cisco, the American Bankers Association, Google, Salesforce, Raytheon, Wells Fargo, UPS, PWC, The Ritz-Carlton, Pfizer, American Medical Association, Association of Nurse Practitioners and hundreds more. To read Cindy's full bio, please click here.